Display reacts strangely while charging


does anybody has the same problem, that the Display of the FP3 reacts strangely while charging? It’s like everything is touched double when I just touch once or swipe with my finger on the screen.

I have that problem on /e/, probably I had it on the stock OS as well. Is it just for mine, or is it a known bug?

I didn’t have this issue with the stock OS, and I don’t have it with /e/.
Can you try with a different cable and charger to rule those parts out as the culprit?


Ok thank you very much. It didn’t came to my mind myself… it works with other chargers and cables :sweat_smile:
It’s just the charger I have from a cheap bar phone I had some years ago with US plug. But it’s not the US plug… other chargers with US plugs work, as well as the Fairphone charger with adapter for this plug…

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I also have this problem, and why it exactly it happens seems to remain a mystery, but it it probably hardware-related. For me, it only seems to happen with a certain charger that is connected to about 40 to 55 V DC (E-Bike-Battery) with a 1/2 m long USB-C cable. This deliveres a very stable power supply, and it is probably a little known secret that you can use common “switching power supply phone chargers” also as DC-DC-converters with voltages lower than 100 V. However, different models show very different results, require a higher voltage and/or deliver less current.

Workaround is to cut the power (I installed an on-off-switch between power supply and charger anyway), operate the phone and turn it back on again.

When connected to a power bank with a 1 m long cable of the same brand, the “touchscreen over-reaction” does not seem to happen.

Yeah fairly sure it can happen with poor quality or slightly incompatible plug converter, never had the problem with the own brand charger but occasionally with one cheap one I have. Had same on FP2, certain plugs made the screen go crazy

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