Display problem - whole screen filled with noisy pixels of different colors

Thanks just realized, that I was in the FP1 thing but I am having a FP2. Sorry for the mess.

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@bart_van_oort Does the following solve your problem too?

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Hi Stefan,

I’ve tried this before. But I will try it again and pay more intention to cleaning the display data socket. Will let you know if it helped! Thanks so far!


A short update:
Unfortunately, pushing the display data cable into its socket solved the problem only for a few days.
Now the connection between the board and the display assembly is sometimes lost - and the noise screen returns.
Pinching the phone at the location where the display data connector is brings back the screen and the phone can be used again.
Until the cable drops out again… so unfortunately, the problem is not solved yet.

In that cas you schould contact support to get a replacement phone.

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Hello, did you receive help from support? Were you able to solve this problem?
I am having the same problem.
Thank you…!

I would first try to disassemble and reassemble the phone/display. If that does not help, I would suggest to open a ticket and contact support.

Don’t open the phone - I contacted the support and was asked to send the phone in.
Afterwards they refused any replacement since I had opened the phone (which I did since I had to wait several(!) weeks for an answer).
The support was simply pathetic.


i don´t know, whats broken or still not working, but look at the picutre. My FP1 only looks like this.
I opened it and don´t can see something wrong. But i am not an expert of course.

Please help. :slight_smile:


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i have the same Problem. My temporary solution is to twisted the display a little bit. But i think the Problem is, that the Display is damaged, so the only real solution is to exchange the Display.

King Regards

Edited, as I just can relay informations regarding experience with my FP2:
There is a thread like this for the FP2 as well, that makes me believe, the root cause for that kind of display behaviour might be the same.
I had the same problem with my FP2 after dropping the phone.
Disassembling, cleaning the contacts and reassembling didn’t work.
I had to order a new display, put it on and everything is fine since then.

So, there might be different reasons for that kind of behaviour; my guess would be, that it’s a hardware issue that needs a new display to be solved for sure, as contacts-cleaning etc. seems to work temporary only.

Opening the phone should be no problem anymore, as warranty is void already anyway.

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Hey there,
I’ve read this topic to this point, hoping to find a solution since I may have the same problem. A least the screen of my FP1 looks the same as yours.
Further information/observations that I’ve got:
My display is supposed to be new, I got it from a friend who purchased it from Fairphone to replace his broken one but didn’t use it in the end. So I hoped to replace my own broken display with it, with the result as seen above.
I think I’ve assembled everything with great care, but didn’t clean any connectors (though they looked good to me). How did you clean them?
Furthermore, I tried to set the phone in Factory Mode and Recovery Mode - with the surprising result that the display seems to work well in both modes, showing yellow characters on blue background and the green robot (twice?)…
Also, out of a sudden, the screen looked normal for a few seconds in normal mode, but kept flashing or ‘rolling’ from top to bottom.
Otherwise, the phone seems to work normal, making noises to get charged etc.
So maybe it could be a software related problem rather than hardware related?
I really hope so since there doesn’t seem to be a chance to get hands on a replacement display…
Thanks for your help!

In case it is a software issue, you will have to do a #dic:hardreset in recovery mode.

OK, thank you.
But: Can it be a software issue, although my friend reported the same problem with the same display but a different phone?

If recovery mode and testing mode aren’t affected, I cannot think of something else.

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