Display hypersensible during charching

During charging the Fairphone the display is hypersensible. Letters you put in are shown twice on the display.
I have this issue with Fairphone 3 and with Fairphone 4, too!

Hi and welcome to the forum.
This can happen when there is a voltage difference between the hand and the phone, often static, enhanced by the phone being connected to a live charger.

Try switching the charger off to see if that makes a difference whilst still plugged in.

You can also try grounding your wrist for example.

On this sort of idea there is always the possibilty that the charger isn’t grounded, many aren’t, especially two pin mains ones.


Interesting. I agree with amoun’s comments about grounding (though not sure that the presence of an earth pin necessarily means that the charger is really grounded - I’ve seen plastic ones!!) Also see if behaviour is different when connecting the charger in different buildings.

This has been reported before. You may get some ideas from similar posts.


Thanks @amoun and @OldRoutard for your answers.

Meanwhile I found out that electrostatic charching is the problem.
If you touch the outer conductor of the USB-C-plug with the fingers before plugging it in the smarthone the smartphone is working normally.


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