Display gone and no word from support for 3 weeks!

Hi there,
Since june my display stopped working on the right side. I told that the support and they wanted to replace that module when new parts arrive.
on the 29.08. they told me to send them my defect one, so I did. The very next day DHL took it to Amsterdam.
That was the last time the support talked to me. After two weeks I talked to DHL. They said, they delivered on the 04.09… They even told me the name of the person who signed the delivery.
Still no word from fairphone. So I asked them on Twitter. Finally the told me there were “problems with the interface” and they would get to me “shortly”. That was last Wednesday.
5 days later and still no answer, not from the support team and not from Twitter.

Can someone please help me? I´m without a phone for 3 weeks now. My ticket number is: 184673

Best wishes

Hi Jörn,

this is a community forum. Most people here are not employees of Fairphone. While I understand that you need your phone, please also understand Fairphone staff. After receiving your phone they need to find out the root cause and analyse the best way to fix it.

They may have it for two weeks now, if the device is under warranty they will just send it back to you properly repaired. Please allow checking and repairing to take some time. In case something uncommon broke maybe they need to wait for a spare part for a few days, but probably there are also other phones in the queue. Reparing is manual work which is done for sure with the best effort and quality.

Best regards, Alexander.

Did you send in your phone or just the display? In case of the phone, @Amber is correct. In case of the display we feel with you. Still …

If you want to get answers, general consensus in the forum is calling Fairphone support is more promising than e-mail.
Number and business hours are given on the support page.


I sent only the display… I also ordered the new camera wich arrived 2 weeks ago :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway for the help and emotional support. I´ll call them tomorrow

They lost my package…it´s somewhere in their warehouse… I´ll have to wait, until they find it. Somehow it´s kinda funny and sad at the same time.:joy:


Just called again… no update…it´s starting to be less funny now. I still have to wait until somebody finds my package. I understand, that they can´t provide the service other companies do I would be happy with a repaired display instead of a new one. But this?! “Sorry we lost your package but we´ll find it any day now…” I know the communitiy probably can´t help me, but maybe this post helps others with similar problems as an example.

I’m with you and I completely understand your frustration!
My screen stopped working on the left side 4 months ago. I contacted the support team, but we haven’t even reached the point that I could send in the screen (first the screens were out of stock, then there was an issue with the return portal and now I can not chose a pick up time in the return portal) and I don’t even want to think about that in the online shop the screens are already out of stock again. But hey, let’s hope that they did put some aside for the ones desperately waiting for a new screen…

Everytime they give me a new explanation what happened wrong that time, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Cause it is just frustrating how bad their customer service is, but at the same time it’s kinda funny and I am not really surprised anymore when I get another mail, telling me that unfortunately, because of unforeseen circumstances, I have to wait just a little longer, but thanks for my patience…

But anyway, when I read your story I can call myself lucky that at least I still have a half-working phone. I really hope that they find your package soon, or that they’ll simply decide to send you a new screen anyway, which I think would be appropriate.


Last Tuesday they noticed that I used the “wrong” RMA. On the day, they tell to send in your module, they´ll send you an email with the sticker for your package. I used an “old” one. In my case they sent two emails with the exact same text 7 minutes apart. Apperently I had to use the second one.
So if you get two emails, be sure to use the “newest” sticker or it´s your own fault, that they need more than a month to find a package in their own warehouse.

PS: That was the last thing I heard from them. No update if they found the package and no information, when (if )I (ever) get a new display

I read in this forum, that the return portal does not work in some cases (e.g. for customers in Switzerland).
The user who posted this was able to resolve this problem via a phone call to Fairphone. They gave him the number for DHL pick-up service and he was able to make an appointment with DHL by phone as well.

Well, at least check, if there is a difference between the mails; and if there is an attachment, it might be a difference therein.
I really feel for you. That could have happened to everyone. Just call them again today.

They absolutely have to get that communications problem under control.
Even if you give them, that they might be drowning in e-mail requests.

I called them again today. (Pro Tip: Always call on Tuesdays because they nedd time to process all request from the weekend). They´ll will send me a new one.
The support seems to be overwhelmed by all the requests but at least they work.
Thanks for all your help. The conclusion of this post should be, that if you got a problem with the fairphone support, just call them and be patient… very patient


Problem with sending mail after mail is, that they have to read them all and have to assign them correctly. That’s the way mismatching RMA numbers and other mistakes happen. I can imagine that sorting mails take so much time, it essentially slows down the support process.
Of course, that’s just guessing on my side, even if based on some own experience.

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