Display flashes bright

Hey everyone,

sometimes when I wake my FP2 in order to unlock it the display suddenly flashes bright and then returns slowly to its normal brightness.
This only happens from time to time.

Has anyone else seen this or is is it just my FP2? I have not found such a report from any other user using the search function.


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Do you have “adaptive brightness” enabled?

No, it is turned off in the settings.


I also have seen this behaviour, but it is very seldom and I had this only while in the bus and when it is very bright outside.

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It’s the same with my FP2. “adaptive brightness” is disabled, display is dimmed down to about 1/5, just before it starts flickering.

I can confirm this behavior, it happens from time to time (every 1-3 days), usually after waking up the display. I would have to test if it happens only at high brightness settings.

Does anybody know if this is just some software issue or if this can harm the display unit itself?


I looked at it during the last days, an it not only happens with high brightness, the flash also appears at rather low brightness settings.

I’m having the same problem, but much more frequent than every three days. I’d say I experience it about 3 times a day. Very annoying issue.

I tried to screenshot the bright flashing screen. That caused the bright flashing to take longer to go away (ca. 15 seconds instead of 2). On the screenshot, everything is normal.

Edit: I now think that this would occur when the lighting conditions are changing fastly. I still don’t have an idea to reproduce this. I have that not only in the bus now, but I haven’t noticed that in the nighttime.

I guess that you already disabled adaptive brightness…

No?! (Is this important?)

Well there’s (at least) a known bug related to this: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/screen-flickers-at-low-brightness/11577. Maybe disabling it solves your problem.

I disabled it.

I had now a flashing though. Re-enabled adaptive brightness.

I have found a video of a Fairphone 2 flashing. It flashes at 0:23.

Well, this video is not from me.

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I have had these bright flashed since last fairphone update. They seem indeed be occurring mostly when changing from light to dark environment (out other way around).
The flash is far brighter than the brightest setting of the display. Test is not readable anymore and colours are nearly white.

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Same here.
Since the new update I’ve got the flash. Mostly when I reactivate my FP2 from sleeping mode.
It looks like the video shown above.


I’ve also started getting the flash described, I don’t remember it happening before the software update but now it happens for a second or two almost half the times I wake up the screen (not any other times though). I also still get the flickering low brightness problem but adaptive brightness has been disabled for some time.