Display bugs when charging

Hello everyone,

I’ve had my Fairphone 4 for a month now. Since the beginning I had the problem that whenever the phone was charging the display would interpret my finger movements as fast clickling. For example if I scroll and pass a link, it will open the link and if i type it will write each letter multiple times as if I had clicked it repeatedly. Has anyone experienced this? What could be the issue?

Thanks in advance!

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Did you try it out with a different charger and cable?

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Yes, I’ve tried several different ones.

What if you use safe mode? Maybe it’s an app you installed that causes this. When using safe mode you basically use a temporary default install.

This is how you can enable safe mode:

I haven’t seen this issue yet.

I have never seen this issue on FP3 or FP4, but it was quite common on my FP2 when using a particular charger. My best guess is that you have a similar problem.
Let’s maybe try the other way around: Is there a charger/cable combination that does not lead to these display touch problems? Have you already tried charging it on a different power outlet, possibly in a completely different location/office/house and what are the results?

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Hi Selina and welcome to the forum.

The only idea I have is that it’s an electrical interference maybe due to poor grounding in the mains supply and then if your body is charged relative to the phone when you plug it in, it can amplify the closeness on any touch input.

The charge can be very small.

  • you can try the engineer’s method of grounding your arm, usually with a band that has a wire to earth.

As a temporary test any bare copper wire wrapped around the wrist a few times and earthed would be fine. A good earth is often a copper water pipe that goes to the ground.

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Hi, exactly same issue here, I’ll try safe mode as soon as possibile…

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