Discussion about this forum

What type of topics can be posted here, what things we can post in off-topic boards?

I don’t think that there are any particular restrictions about topics, as long as they’re

  • not illegal
  • not racist
  • not xenophobic
  • not queerphobic

So basically, just stuff that any decent human person wouldn’t do anyways. Feel free to create a topic :slight_smile:


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Here’s the top level of forum categories … Fairphone Community Forum. Either a category is accompanied by a short description of what it is about, or it is self-explanatory.

You can then click or tap on the category name to get to a sublevel within the category, again with short descriptions of the subcategories where necessary.

As for things you can post, just stick to the description of the category you’re in, and stick to the forum rules … FAQ - Fairphone Community Forum.


thank u for the information

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