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Post here if you have questions about the guide or want to help improve it, but want to get input before just editing the guide.

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Thanks for this tutorial, I enjoyed reading it.

Would you mind converting it to a Wiki post? We would then be able to add installation instructions for Linux operating systems and a workaround for the encryption problem. Thank you!


Good idea! It now is a wiki.


Thank you again! I added the Linux parts and refactored your tutorial regarding some typos and overall formatting.


check this post to fix the crashing play store: Running Gapps on rooted Phone. I wonder if this fix can be included in the next Open OS release…

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Yes, I saw that post too. However, by using the Fairphone OSOS we directly flash the image to our phone without compiling anything. So there is nothing we can resign. So it’s up to the fairphone devs to sign the apps with the correct certificate.

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I’m not sure if we need a bug report

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@marvin24: Yes, I think a bug report would be a good idea to make this problem known to fp devs. How can we file a bug report?

I think one can use https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new . It seems to me that there are several problems related to the locating service and I’m not sure how they are related. So I don’t feel qualified to submit a bug report myself. Someone with a deeper understand should do it (if he hasn’t done yet).

The “official way” to report bugs is to create a topic (e.g. in …help) with a detailed description of the issue and if possible a fool-proof way to reproduce it, and if us moderators decide it’s really a bug we move the topic to #software:bug-reports and add the issue to the #bugslist::tag.

TBH I don’t really understand what you talk about so I’ll probably have to rely on others to decide whether it’s a bug in this case.

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Isn’t that the exact same problem as discussed here:

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I was told that there will be a fix for that. Unfortunately, I don’t know when that will be.

Hi I’m trying to install the OS but get stuck at this point:
‘enabling USB debugging in the developer settings on your device’

Where can I find these?

Go to settings > about your phone.
Tap the build number 10 times.
Now you’ll have the developer options in your settings app.


Wow, for real? How does one figure out this stuff?

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Can I use this tutorial to update my current Fairphone Open OS 16.04 to Fairphone Open OS 16.05? Or will this completely remove all of my apps and bring me back to a clean install of Fairphone Open OS 16.05?

I tried it. The answer is NO. If you follow this tutorial, you get a clean install.

The reason I tried this tutorial instead of the ‘updater’ is that the ‘updater’ doesn’t work in my case. It boots into TWRM and than does nothing.

I’m trying to fastboot with the terminal, but it doesn’t seem to see my phone when I check it with the ./adb devices command
I get: List of devices attached
then nothing…

Ive set my phone to developer mode
Turned on USB debugging
Installed Android Studio
Put it in recovery mode
connected it to my computer
changed the directory to the platform-tools folder

what am I missing?

Same problem for me, after installing ADB and Fastboot on Ubuntu 16.04, enabling USB debugging, my FP2 is not found …

Any idea why and what should be done ?

Did you make sure that all connecting options on the phone (like MTP, charging mode etc.) are unchecked?

Are you in fastboot mode already? then

adb devices

will not work, but you need to check connection with

fastboot devices


Unfortunately I never got it to work and I installed the normal Fairphone OS again, the Open OS was not for me!

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I had similar problems. My phone showed up in ADB, but fastboot did not recognize it. The solution was sudo:
sudo fastboot…
…and it worked.