Discussion about the Fairphoners address book

Before becoming an Angel, I wasn’t that active here in the forum, but once I joined for real, I found the number of places where to find information quite confusing. It seemes, there was almost everytime one more place I didn’t see initially (or could quickly find later).

So in principle I would prefer to cut down on the number of places for similar information. And by that avoiding inconsistencies.

I can’t say for sure what direction I would take. The map is quite cool. But personally, I’m even more of a list type of guy. But maybe that’s too old school :smiley:

If it’s ok for everyone, I would at least update the Hamburg information and add me, @Smojo and @Ophelia.
Maybe we can remove @goody, too? He didn’t reply to a forum PM I sent a while ago. I’ll send an e-mail to the address he listed in the address book and see if he replies, first.

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In the landing page that we might have in the future we could simply generate a list from the JSON information that’s already there.

I propose to hide the #addressbook and instead make a simple list which points to regional forum topics (Australia could be listed too, although there is no specific contact person). When people in those topics decide to meet up or become #fairphoneangels, they will show up in the #communitymap (that could be placed unter the list as an incentive. ;)).

This way we can avoid that the #addressbook contains many contact persons that don’t respond and the chance to receive an answer is much higher in a public topic.

What do you think about this proposal?

PS.: Thanks @paulakreuzer for bringing this up! :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me. :slight_smile: It keeps the (technical) threshold low for new contacts and the list remains up-to-date because it links to locations instead of people.


Ok, fairphoners-hamburg at posteo.de returns “user unknown”. I think we can assume he’s out…


Ingo and @friek, you can both edit your local topics’ first posts yourself (and your local entries in the address book). I think everyone here agrees that you should serve as the primary contact in each of these – otherwise people interested in joining might try to contact your local group and their message might stay unread.


How about just transforming the existing address book into the list that @Stefan suggested? We could gradually replace the links in the existing “collection of the local Fairphone communities”.

I already replaced the link to the Aachen address book entry by a link to the Aachen topic (just check it out here to see what I did).

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Sounds good. I did it for the Hamburg entry just now.


I moved all entries to a hidden topic. The first post needs some love (only list existing topics to communities and also refer to the #fairphoneangels).

Did you delete all other posts in the topic by purpose?

Did you read my post above? I did not delete them. I moved them to another topic:

ok, first time I get to see the “Obsolete address book entries” topic.

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Sorry, I removed the post that indicated that the posts had been moved.

I removed all #addressbook entries without their own forum topic. Please help me to add local topics that aren’t on the list yet.

PS.: @urs_lesse Thank you for already having updated some links!

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@Stefan: please add the Stuttgart Meetup on April 3rd 19:00 to the list. It will probably be in the Weltcafé again.

@Friek sorry for not responding, I wasn’t active in the community for a while… @Ingo took care of it and added the meetup to the #communitymap.

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In order to allow communities or topics outside of Europe greater visibility, I have structured the list into continents. As to avoid potential conflicts, I put Turkey both into Asia and Europe.

I also added a line at the top to remind people that Fairphone and Fairphone Support only serves the European market.


Should La Réunion be considered in France or not, as it’s logically a French “département”? Currently it’s written under Africa.

I guess there’s no perfect answer, just trying to anticipate how people search for help, or if possible trying to accommodate all possibilities.

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My reasoning here was to go by geography. I think the Fairphone Angels were originally meant to be a local/regional/nearby point of help, and when we follow that logic, I think it makes sense to put it in “Africa”.

When I originally thought about, I actually had a look at the Wikipedia article about Africa and it mentioned La Réunion (as “Reunion” though) as well.

I think it would not be a service for users seeking help to put it only in France/Europe, but it wouldn’t do harm if it appeared in Europe, too.


@Alex.A Feel free to also add it under France :slight_smile: (I am not sure how a real Frenchman treats “La Réunion” in terms of alphabetical order :wink: )