Discussion about the Fairphoners address book

Continuing the discussion from :pencil2: Local Fairphoners address book (Fairphone communities):

I’d like to keep the address book free from discussions, only address book entries should be there. That’s why I’m moving some posts here. :slight_smile:

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I did not want to edit the first post directly but what do you think of adding the poll on where forum users come from in this thread?
It might give people the idea to create a local group if they see there are others around…
And so far the poll is kind of buried by new posts all the time.


I only know the example of the “Hello! Introduce yourself here!” thread where the idea of a Nuremberg community was born. Because there the users explain more detailed, for example with mentioning the city, from where they come. In the poll, there can be 300 km between the people which voted the same. (So in most cases further polls are required.)

I ask myself why the “Austrian Fairphoners” call themself “Austrian Fairphoners” and not “Vienna Fairphoners”. Their events are only in Vienna and I don’t think someone from Salzburg, Innsbruck or Klagenfurt would come to them.

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Yes, this was my doing :wink: Anyway, there are people coming from smaller countries (Luxembourg for example) as well who may not think that there are others present in the forum… And for Germany, Austria and France, sub-polls exist for regions etc.

As for the Austrian Fairphoners, I suppose they want to be inclusive :smile:

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We decided that on our first meeting. Like @merci said we wanted to be inclusive and we would be happy to create sub-groups and help them out. Also I’m the only Viennese in the group (the others live close) and…

we actually had guests that came all the way from Graz just to attend out meeting and even one woman from Vorarlberg.

Until now that is true, but we are planning to visit another place in Austria soon (probably Mai). There is actually a poll right here.


Hey, I live in Vienna also, more central than you :yum:

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Oh yeah sure, I meant I’m the only Viennese in the core group/founding members.

Oh, I would never claim to be Vienesse, I’m not even Austrian, I just live here… Come to think of it, am I even allowed in the group… :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure you are! :smiley:


Ich glaube, da ist irgendwas beim Speichern schiefgelaufen.

Anmerkung: Am Besten wäre es (sofern noch nicht angelegt), in der Kategorie #community ein entsprechendes Lokalgruppenthema anzulegen, wenn ein entsprechendes Treffen erwünscht und geplant ist.

Thanks! :thumbsup:

For the future: If you write to someone about their post using the flag function:

-> ->

Then at least the moderators see that someone already wrote them:

And there won’t be (as much) duplicate PMs. (Not that there were any this time. I saw your post in time :slight_smile: )


Ja, natürlich, super, dass du dich eingetragen hast! :smiley: Wir @TobiasF schon angesprochen hat, wärs super, wenn es auch noch ein Topic im Forum gäbe, auf das du verlinken kannst. :slight_smile:

I’m from Vienna too! I even live in the same district as you! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Remember that you joined us in May? :wink:

Oh, damn it, I didn’t read the date of the post :smiley:

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2 posts were split to a new topic: What’s this talk about the Angels program all about?

I think a few German city entries would benefit from updates:

  • Anyone know if the Berlin contacts are still active?
  • I deleted Bremen from the list, it linked to an entry no longer in existence
  • Hamburg: Let’s add @Ingo
  • Stuttgart: Let’s finally add @Friek
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I was talking to @stefan about it on our way back from Linz and we agreed that it’s probably best to ditch the #addressbook in favor of the #communitymap.

Under “meetups & events” the map could show locations where there was a meetup or event within the past x months with a gray pin. So if a community is inactive for a longer time it automatically disappears from the map.


I think even if an entry is just a “sleeper”, it can still serve as an entry point. People should not be required to organize a meeting to serve as a first contact.