Discussion about life cycles

Why do not talk about upgrade parts for FP2 and FP2?
This should be going in the direction of FP project values.
Otherwise, about life cycle, I do not see difference with other brands.

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If a Fairphone 3 is really released in late 2018 that makes for a release cycle of a little bit less than 3 years (FP2 was released in Jan. 2016). That’s far longer than with any other smartphone company.

Edit: Since @Gerry apparently challenges my post, I’ll have to be more precise with my use of terms. The release cycle is completely independent from any “product life cycle”. I’m sorry that I used the term release cycle.

The product life cycle is different from other companies anyway because the “life cycle” starts at the mine, continues at the manufacturing plant and ends after the product has been recycled. In all cases a FP3 will make even more progress than FP2 had done in comparison with FP1.


Lack of aftersales service reduces product life cycles…

Edit: Well said, @Stefan. :+1: Let us hope you are right about everything you have mentioned.

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I disagree. Life cycle is also determined by users and their willing to avoid to feed consumerism.
Honestly I do believe is better to have the chance to upgrade and maintain the phone, rather than to change it.
Before FP2 I had always iPhone and I kept it at least 3 years, if not 4.

Moreover I and several user are already experiencing lack of spare parts for FP2.

It is my point of view related to one of the values spotted out as key ones by FP.

That spare parts (and phones!) are not always available is because they have to be ordered in large batches, and that will only be solved when people buy more Fairphones.

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The length of the life cycle is determined by the user’s willingness to hold on to the phone, as well as by the possibility to repair a phone. The qualities of the life cycle, however, remain the same. No matter how long the FP2 is used, it does have more conflict-free minerals than FP1, it does have more impact in the electronics sector and it is easier to be recycled than FP1.

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They are planning to release a cheapper fairphone. Maybe they are going to maintain (and sell) both FP2(more expensive) and FP3(less expensive).
I really hope to keep my FP2 for more than 4 year

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