Discussion about "Android 7 update: most annoying bugs, FAQ, etc"

Thx a lot for that great wiki, that should be pinned for now, as it helps deciding if one should update or not.


Today I tried to search for “reboot” to find out, how easy or difficult it is to find ✏ Android 7 update: most annoying bugs, FAQ, etc when you’re affected by the problem.

I was too lazy to count the position in the search result. In fact I was even too lazy to scroll down enough to find it. And when you just click on the Help > FP2 category, you have to scroll down twice at the moment.

Not sure how to make it more visible. Would it make sense to pin that topic?

Edit: just to make sure, I wasn’t aware of this topic and my post was moved here. Might seem a little odd as a reply without knowing this :wink:

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I would certainly consider it. I guess it’s one of the more popular topics nowadays… :slight_smile:

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Wasn’t that pinned once already and then taken down again?
Or maybe I got that wrong … anyway, I’m strongly in favour of pinning it.

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I can see it was pinned, but I can’t see it was unpinned. I’ve pinned it again, hopefully it ‘sticks’ and helps reduce new topics about known issues.


I pinned it with a timer. I thought I chose 3 months, but apparently that’s not true.


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