Discussing the sustainability of removing the 3.5mm jack

dont know about sustainability, but maybe get an electrical engineering degree and do it yourself similarly to that apple X with usb-c mod guy, selling his first born on ebay for like 100grand. pays off even your tuition fees just as well ;p

was all over the interwebs just the other days

iphone X with usb-c mod selling on ebay for like 100k USD

'sides its open source or even open kinda hardware that we deal here with a fairphone, ought to be even simpler and possible? takes off those profits then though ;(

Dear Allessandro

Clearly I have things to say, I am not struggling here. Maybe you could point out what it is that you find so offensive that you urge me not to respond?


Your comment to @incannus is also a little harsh and rude. I’m sure many people are unaware that analogue phones work as you state and I would not presume a certain individual does or does not.

So you could be a little more fore-giving. But please do not hesitate to criticise

All the best

That’s an iPhone X (a device from 2017) with USB-C. The price of 100k is nowhere near the realistic value of it, its a collector’s item. I found other much cheaper iPhones with USB-C (iPhone 8 and 12 at least). There’s probably some guides on how to do it, Snazzylabs IIRC did it long ago as well. IIRC on the first iPhone where Apple stopped with 3.5 mm it was proven the smartphone actually had room for the 3.5 mm port, they just left it out. Perhaps also for IPx, who knows.

I wonder want your response would be to the following:

" True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Your sound, now with extra sustainability."

The market is also heading non fairtrade, non sustainable… why bother fairphone, is it that easy?



I’m pretty sure in the case of the FP4 with it’s stereo output it would be fine for earbuds, not that this is meant to be an argument against removing the 3.5 jack.

To those that are wondering about sustainability rather than the technical issues:
Fairphone, from what I can tell, made the phone more sustainable i.e. better water and dust resistant by removing the jack; that’s their business."

And as a result they did NOT improve the IP rating?.. Does not make sense to me!

You are quoting other posts. You will not find such a statement on the Fairphone website. This is a user forum, the information on here is often hearsay, though mostly verifiable. Not this though.

You will find from Fairphone that the FP3 is not IP54 rated, now the FP4 is :slight_smile:

It’s not IP54 rated, it’s true, but IP54 is a fairely poor rating, it’s just a little upper than the FP3 would have been if it was rated.

Here is an IP68 rated phone : https://www.nokia.com/phones/fr_fr/nokia-800-tough?sku=16CNTB01A10

It got a 3.5mm barrel…

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And else its completely glued I guess? You can hardly compare glued phones and Fairphones reg IP rating

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Not precisely, it has many screws and clips.

But it is extremely bulky for the amount of electronics that it contains. I shudder to think of how bulky a smartphone would be with that form-factor.


Correct, because Fairphone removed the IP rating from their website as I demonstrated via Archive.org way back machine.


You said you demonstrated it, but I don’t find where, could you share a link please ?

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I would have preferred the 3.5 mm jack to be replaced with a USB-C port, that is for the FB4 to have two USB-C ports, 1 for data & 1 for charging, to listen to music I use a Aero digital earphones which has a built-in DAC, can’t charge at the same time but the battery is removable, handy to have more than one battery.

Hi. I would have made noise about losing the 3.5 mm jack even now, but the reality is I hadn’t been using it, except to stick in a corded microphone, as in isolating where the sound is collected from. If such a microphone lost the cord, the name “bug” would be appropriate, I would be surprised if there was a wireless equivalent of it.

So, losing the 3.5 mm jack breaks that use case for me. I will try to keep my Samsung alive… it serves me well for that.

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Thanks amoun, I know this.
But still, I cannot charge the phone
and listen to anything at the same time, right?

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There are adapters USB-C to Mini Audio Jack Adapter 3.5 mm + charging.
I have no experience with such an adapter.

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Wow, but I cannot find any in the accessories in your online Shop, but there are a lot of cables now I have found out, all kinds of additional cables and adapters, I am so surprised

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Yeah, well …
The page, where the IP54 certification was presented was the pre-order page. They most likely didn’t make/pass that certification and therefore dropped the claim.
Initially they advertised a FM-radio as well. That - likewise - disappeared from the homepage.
True, they did not mention this, but just took it down. Which leads back to a lack of communication skills at FP hq. They still do have some room for improvement there.

That’s a bit harsh. IP54 is a standard for outdoor use stuff like lamps etc.
You can find the explanation of the digits even on wikipedia.
IP54 stands for

5x - Dust protected; Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment.
x4 - Splashing of water; Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect, utilizing either: a) an oscillating fixture, or b) A spray nozzle with no shield. Test a) is conducted for 10 minutes. b) is conducted (without shield) for 5 minutes minimum.

Regarding water protection x8 would stand for Immersion, 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) or more depth, which I hardly consider necessary for the average smartphone use.


Yes it’s Harsh, but on the smartphones’ market, this is nowaday something really common.

Lot of smartphones in this price range are IP68 rated. I understand that the modular design of the FP4 cannot be suitable with an IP68 rating, but this is also a pretty bad argument for removing the audio barrel.