Discourse tagging broken

We updated Discourse and the tagging plugin. But now it seems broken.
This is a post to let you know we are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it.
If you happen to know a fix, please reply.

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Also wikis are no longer green :frowning:

And linking categories is kinda broken too. ( #fairphone-help )

This is not broken, but intended by the devs. Read here:

They opted for displaying the # rather than the category badge. #meta

In the next update, tags will be “taggable” too: It already is possible! #security

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That wasn’t what I meant. It just glitched when I made that post, resulting in #c but now I rebuilt html and it shouws #fairphone-help as it should.

That’s cool. Should we make some unique tags for important topics like #touchscreentest? Too bad that replies can’t be tagged or else we could also link all the posts in the dictionary faster.

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aaaaahhhhhhhh, thát explains a lot…
I understand their reasoning, but I liked the colorful badges way better…


Yeah, me too! The category slugs are so ugly!

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