Disappointed by this "fair" product

It’s not even two years ago that I got my Fairphone 2. And I am a looking good for my things. At the beginning the phone had the old design and the cover broke. So I had to buy a new one, which isn’t cheap! But the second thing is that the battery is so bad! Just don’t see how this should be “fair”! I stared to put off my phone when I didn’t use it but it isn’t a solution because people couldn’t call me then. And now it is really going crazy. Loosing battery in some seconds. It has become self-employed and exhibits itself on its own. After 1,5 year?! Can’t be true! Very, very disappointed from this “fair” idea…

Actually you didn’t. You should have just contacted support to get a free replacement.

That’s not the only reason, why this is not a good idea. Booting actually uses more battery than a few hours of inactivity.

Actually the battery loosing capacity after such a short time is not rare. That’s why batteries only have 1 year of warranty instead of the 2 years for the rest of the phone.

In the #batteryguide you’ll find lots of tips for improving the batteries performance. If they don’t work sufficiently then you’ll probably need a replacement.


I really feel for you and understand your disappointment.
The relevant points @paulakreuzer already mentioned.

I just would like to add, that in my opinion those problems are no reason to put fair in quotation marks, as it does not change the fairness and social engagement in the process of making the phone. It does not change your choice in selecting an OS to your liking and the fairness towards the environment. (I already have posted my thoughts on the aspect of sustainability here: Sustainable? Camera not working / replacement not sent).
And I do not even consider the soft- and hardware-failures as unfair towards the customers, as they are not due to carelessness or malice on behalf of Fairphone. It is rather due to the revolutionary modular concept and the fact that they are a small company, lacking the market-power to get suppliers testing the parts thoroughly.

Well, that’s at least the way I see it now, after I have initially been quite frustrated by random reboots.


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