Disable ugly lockscreen status notifications for individual apps?

I am looking for a way to change the way notifications are displayed on the lock screen. The ugly white bar is just that - ugly (at least in my opinion). Ideally I would want to keep text notifications for things like SMS or email, but I would not want status icons for Skype or AFwall+ showing up as permanent ugly bars on the lockscreen. However I want to keep these status icons in the notification bar when the phone is unlocked.

NetGuard and Hangar have permanent notifications on my phone and don’t show themselves with the phone blocked.
Maybe you can look for a “notification priority” setting on those apps’ settings and set it to “low priority” or similar?

Edit: they are not shown either on the notification bar when not expanded, I must say.

Both Skype and AFWall+ can be configured to not to show their notification icons (at least I was able to do so) so I don’t understand what you mean.
Moreover you could try to install GravityBox (an XPosed module) which is able to configure almost everything regarding notifications, icons, colors and so on :slight_smile:

I am aware of this setting. What I want is to have a notification icon in the notification bar when the phone is unlocked, but nothing or just a little icon showing up on the lock screen.

Uhm I don’t know if it is possible with standard (Open)OS, but I’m quite sure it will be feasible with GravityBox :slight_smile:

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