Disable roaming alert?

I am using two SIMs in my Fairphone 2, which are for different countries, so at all times at least one of them is roaming. Every time the roaming SIM goes in or out of service, the phone vibrates. Unfortunately, I have poor service at home and during my commute, so this happens 20+ times every day, and it makes normal vibration alerts for incoming messages almost useless. Is there any way to turn off the roaming alert? I have found guides for how to do this on other Android devices, but the settings pages don’t seem to exist on the Fairphone.

Are the other phones which have this setting perhaps using Android 6 or 7? I can’t find any phone with such a setting right away (I’m on mobile now). If it’s available in Android 6 then the FP2 will get an upgrade in future.

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