Disable Camera Shutter Sound

Is there an update or new ideas regarding Fairphone’s issue with the camera shutter sound not being able to be turned off. I have a non-rooted FP2 and tried several things - all without any luck. The sound is really annoying in some cases!

Currently, I use Open Camera (opencamera.sourceforge.net) and the option to turn off the sound is not working. The manual pages state that “Shutter sound - Whether to play a sound after taking a photo. (Requires Android 4.2 or higher to disable, and even
then isn’t supported on all devices.)”. So this really seems an FP2 issue as far as I understand it.

Unfortunately, similar discussions here were closed without resolution (please search yourself, as I’m not allowed to reference them here due to forum-restrictions for new users).

They were closed because one of the first software updates (v 1.2.8) solved the issue.

So if you have kept your phone up to date and still encounter the problem, it could be that there is a problem with your app.

I’m using Open Camera 1.35 from F-Droid. I wasn’t able to stop the camera shutter sound. Has someone else using Open Camera succeeded with it? What settings do you use?

OK, I just installed it to be able to try. Open Camera 1.35 from FDroid - and I have no shutter sound (out of the box). Have to take that back. My phone was in silent mode and I heard nothing. But after I turned on sound in general I have a shutter sound as well. Though not on my usual camera app (“A better camera”).

OK, thanks for testing. Then it is a missing (or non working) feature of Open Camera.

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