Difficulties getting help

I just need more help - I’ve never had a smartphone before and would like to buy a Fairphone 3. But I have many concerns - the telephone number given as ‘contact’ doesn’t work. I’ve really tried but am not impressed.

What sort of information are you looking for? There’s a lot of information about the Fairphone 3 on Fairphone’s website, or are you looking for information about using a smartphone in general?

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Do these tutorials help? …



For the Android operating system there is a pretty good primer from Google.

Once you’re a bit more familiar with the concepts, you might want to read

Then, there are some handy guides to privacy and security settings in Android 9, for example

(kinda funny b/c it’s from the U. S. Army)

Have fun reading and do not hesitate to ask your questions here. A community forum might be the better address than the vendor anyway.


Yes, partly general worries because it’s all new to me
. But my main worry to start with is transferring my hundreds of contacts to my new phone. An acquaintance suggested I use Bluetooth to transfer this data to new phone. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to use both cards, the old one in my old Nokia and the new card I will have to have, I think, in the Fairphone. I do voluntary work so I can’t risk losing my contacts.

What Nokia device do you have, which operating system does it use? If it’s Symbian, it should be possible to transfer the contacts using the Nokia PC Suite or similar third-party tools.

The SIM in your old phone is probably too big to put it into the FP3 (which uses the smallest nano form factor), so you need the computer for intermediate storage.

For the future, I would recommend storing the contacts in a cloud that you trust. But others here might disagree on this.

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Everything that works as a backup is an improvement when looking at a single point of failure (at least it sounds like this is the situation the contacts are in right now).

There’s nobody halfway tech-savvy around you can ask to walk you through some things in person?

There are voluntaries here who help out others as #fairphoneangels (<- see link for info) … would there happen to be any in your vicinity?
Not everyone of them might have a Fairphone 3 already, but older Fairphones are Android smartphones, too (mostly, but let’s not digress here), sufficient for having a look at some basic concepts (Android, transferring data, etc.) first-hand.

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The one single thing that might be the most important to keep in mind is the word “Android”. The Fairphone 3 runs on Android, that’s the most widely used operating system for smartphones (e.g. Samsung phones use it, too). So if you need help, bear in mind to mention Android 9. If you are lucky, you might even find beginner courses for using an Android phone (like the FP3).

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Thank you, I think I’ll check out if there is a Fairphone Angel near where I live. I learn more visually and verbally, rather than by following written instructions.

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Thank you. My Nokia is a 2330 classic - I really like this little phone and it’s over 9 years old. I’m not sure about the ‘operating system’. Could it be Java? My network provider is EE.

A possible solution could be:
Make sure that all your contacts are on your Sim card in the Nokia.
Go to a Fairphone Angel who has a working Fairphone 1.
On the Fairphone 1 make a google account.
Put your Sim card in the Fairphone 1 and copy all your contacts to the Fairphone 1.
Back up all the contacts to your google account.
Order a new Sim card for the Fairphone 3, because the Sim card of your Nokia won’t fit.
When you have the Fairphone 3 just activate your google account and all your contacts will be there.
If you are in the Netherlands I could do this for you.

Thank you so much.

Sadly I’m ashamed to say I’m in England (on today of all days - terrible Brexit).

All the Fairphone Angels are in other countries. However what you have suggested is very sensible and helpful. I could put out a request on Facebook to see if there is anyone near me who could help me do this.

Thank you so much, again, for offering to help

Jenny (I am from Wales originally!)

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I count 2 in England :wink: .
Did you use the map?

The 2330 runs on Symbian S40. So the abovementioned Nokia PC Suite should help you transferring your contacts.

Thanks. I couldn’t access the map, only a list of them.

Ok, according to the map they are …

Northengland@fairphone.community in the Bradford/Leeds area,

CentralLondon@fairphone.community in London.

When you mention “hundreds of contacts” I wonder whether bulk of these contacts are in phone memory although some maybe upon SIM card as think a limit of about 200 upon SIM. Why not pick up a £0.99 EE SIM (three in one mini, micro and nano SIM) card from supermarket, place it in your Nokia 2330 Classic and see if some contacts have gone missing which you will know these are upon SIM card. It could be worthwhile putting pen to paper and saving remaining contact details in case phone dies on you.

As mentioned in other post it should be possible to read contacts upon device using Nokia PC Suite via “Bluetooth” connection only, which will be a laborious process and data can then be exported to a text file. Bear in mind you would probably need an older PC running Windows 7 in view of age of this device.

Thank you. That is helpful. I will try - yes I agree with you - I think some of my contacts are just on the phone memory but I didn’t know how to tell if that is true


Thank you so much. I did send an email to the northern angel because that is the area in which I live. I haven’t hear yet but must check my junk mail in case.