Difficult to use the forum with some mobile browsers

It’s very difficult to enter new posts exactly like I do now with the FP2, since the keyboard covers the area where the text is put in…

No problem here with Firefox 57.0.
Can you post a screenshot?

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Which Browser do you use? With Firefox I can enter the text right above the keyboard area.

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I’m using Lightning. It’s a very decent app, with exception then for this dysfunction…

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No problem with the stock browser of LineageOS either.

No problems here with Firefox 57.0.

Did you change the forum style? Do you use user scripts, user styles, an ad blocker, a script blocker or any other extension which modifies the page?

I share this experience.
No special settings, ad blockers or scripts.
It seems to be a problem of Lightning.
Happens with other pages as well, where I have to enter text.
As I use the FP rarely for stuff like that, it’s still ok by me.

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I just downloaded Lightning to test this and I don’t have this issue.

Ps: But it does glitch a little. Sometimes the keyboard coveres the reply button, like in the screenshot above.


But you don’t use FOS like me?
Have to check it again, when I am home. Might be, I mixed it up with another page …

Oh yeah I’m using LOS.

I just checked: with my FP1 and Firefox 57 I don’t have the problem anymore. But I did have it with previous versions of FF.

And when I had a community FP2 for the Fairswap events in September, I had it, too, in the then current FF.

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Have you tried out the Discourse App?

Lightning uses the web renderer (WebView) of the system. LOS has an updated WebView based on Chromium, FP OS should have the Google Chrome WebView engine (updatable through Google Play) and FP Open has an outdated Chromium engine.


Oh, they call it 100% OSS but relies on proprietary software (Google Mobile Services). Liers.

P.S.: I use microG but I avoid as much as possible using Google-dependant software. I’ll wait for a cleaned version to appear in F-Droid.

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Oh no! I’m waiting! I was hoping people like you are working on it! :wink:

I’m using lightning on FPOS and it’s working perfectly:

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Time is limited for a mortal like me, Paula! I didn’t even check the issues of the project, maybe there’s someone already working on it. I’ll take a look once I got some free time, promise, :slight_smile:


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