Different cover colours?

I have the green Fairphone 3 cover, but I wondered if Fairphone want produce more different coloured covers like pink?

You could add piece of paper under backcover to change the colour? ofcourse coluors will be dim due to dark plastic but you could print beautiful scenery or abstract pattern. I guess it’s also better for the enviroment than to ship pieces of plastic around.

Would the paper suggestion be safe in terms of cooling? :thinking: The phone is a computer after all and I bet it gets warm under heavy load.

I don’t think, that it will get hot enough for the paper to go up in flames. :wink:

But it might in fact hinder cooling of the phone a bit.

Still, the greatest problem I see, is spacewise.
You will have to use very, very fine paper, since there is no space left for those kinds of add-ons.
When you take off the back cover, there is a rectangular kind of rubber rim, that is meant to fix the battery and keep it firmly in place.
And since the back cover already snaps into place really firmly, one will be really challenged to get some 80g/sqm in there.

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The Fairphone covers are explicitly protective, not fashion statements. Also, the new FP3+ is no longer transparent.


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