Different colours in SIM Connection display

Since about two weeks, I am new owner of a fairphone, so I’m not yet so familiar with it.
I had a SIM card from vodafone, and since yesterday, a have a second SIM card from o2.
In the status bar this connection is displayed in orange colour, the vodafone connection in blue.
Is this normal or means the orange colour that something is wrong with the card?
No matter at which place the o2 card is inserted.

As far as I Know, it is completely normal. You can even change the color in the SIM management settings.

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Many thanks. This is the solution.

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Yep, it is normal for sure and you can choos the colors in the SIM menu!

Plus: This color is also present in all operations, where it makes sense to distinguis between the different SIMs (e.g. for incoming and outgoing calls, contact assignment etc…).
Sometimes the corresponding SIM-signal shows additionally an underline, which means that you will use now THIS SIM for the current task. Everytime you see the underlined symbol you can choose between SIM1/SIM2/ask by just swiping down the status bar from the top.

I find it a fantastic realization for the dual-SIM-feature! Very easy usage!
Cheers, Robert


Glad to hear you sorted this

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