Did Fairphone promise to repair/recycle/take back FP1s?

For a bit of context about the buy back for anyone reading this and wondering why they never had the offer:
As far as I know based on what was mentioned on the forum at the time, the offer was one that was sent to anyone who’s phone was still in, or just out of warranty when Fairphone first started having supply problems on FP1 parts. The last FP1U was sold in February 2015, so the last warranty will have expired back in March 2017. Based on forum chatter, those offers peaked in Q4 2016.


That actually somewhat answers my question about the timetables (though in general; not specific in this case), thanks.

EDIT: Also puts some perspective in the entire discussion. Warranty expired at latest at March 2017, customer comes complaining on the forum in Feb 2018.

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