Device setup starts when I connect my phone and PC?


A program called Device Setup started in Windows 10 when I plugged in my brand new Fairphone (with the updated Fairphone OS)

It had a progress bar which stayed around 5% finished, so I closed it.

Was that necessary for anything, or did Windows just mistake the phone for some other type of device?

Your phone is a device and if you connect your brand new device to Windows, then windows doesn’t know anything about your FP2. That’s the reason, why Windows starts a setup for this new device to gain connection to it.

The progressbar or its window has a name and we do not know this name. So we can not tell you, what reason this progress had.

What did your phone tell you, when it was connected?

I didn’t check. Also, my PC couldn’t access the “This PC” folder. I restarted the PC, and now I can access my Fairphone like my other devices, so I’m assuming it works.

That’s the normal way Windows works: Windows gains knowledge about a knew device, installs drivers and then you have to restart Windows. I had that today, when I inserted an USB-stick into a Windows7-PC at work. It took Windows 5 minutes to install 3 drivers for this stick and afterwards I got the restart-messages. But I was working with the stick already for 4 minutes …

All right. I was worried it would be unable to let programs acces the phone for podcast synchronization, but it’s working, and I don’t see any problems. Probably just a Windows glitch. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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