Detecting USB drive

I often checked my USB drive formatted with NTFS file system while connecting to FP1 (U) in both operating system i.e. OS FP1 and custom ROM fp1.kkk doesn’t recognize and a message popups that damage usb drive inserted etc. on the other hand, USB formatted with FAT32 file system is always works fine… any adea? I did not thoroughly checked / googling this issue because may be someone have any solution here in experts are requested to suggest please.

IIRC stock android lacks ntfs support (m$ patent I’d wager). This webpage claims that with root you can patch your kernel to support it and offers a way do it.

Good luck ! Keep us updated.

Thanks Arvil… I tried many times on the instruction quoted in the above website but failed. May be i did not follow the procedure. the Command i enter gets error i.e. device not found. may be something i do wrong. However, due to some mistake, i have already lost my OS and I did flash my phone again. any simple method other than in the website will be highly appreciated. Thanks again Arvil