Design improvements, ideas FP2

Working with the FP2 I have some ideas that could further improve the phone. Maybe some day, there will be a design change and I’d like to collect a few things that I have recognized:

  • The FP2 comes with a cheap screen protection probably to prevent damage during shipping and handling. This screen protection however is quite sensitive to anything that rubs against it and it scratches easily. Maybe it is possible to ship the FP with a real screen protection. I don’t think that would be very expensive anyway and the people who don’t care for the protection can just rip it off. Then, the latch on the top right corner (to take the protection off easily) should disappear. I just cut that latch away with a tiny pair of scissors and my screen stays protected for now. A little further down it seems that the protective case rubs against it a little but and it wants to come off a little. Maybe that could be improved in the same step.

  • I also noticed that the protective cover does not fit quite tightly on the top part of the phone. It seems like I can indent the case there a little bit…

Anyone of you has more ideas?

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Mine didn’t.

Did you try dis- and re-assembling? I had this once after doing a sloppy job reassembling my phone. Now it fits perfectly
But what I do experience is that my FP2 is not even, as described in :de: this topic.

No, that doesn’t fix it…

That is strange that yours came without a foil…

Most phones come with such foils, they are cheap and just meant for protection during production (handling in the factory) and shipping. Good, ie. useful screen protection foils cost 5 to 12 €. They need to have a certain thickness for example, to really protect against anything - on the same time, they need to be very transluced, so they do not impact display quality.

I don’t think it makes sense to ship every Fairphone with a foil, unless 80% of users want that. But I think it would be great if you could order a good one directly with your order of the FP2, to prevent unnecessary shipping and the spare users the pain finding a good one.

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I know that good screen protection foils cost a few euros. But I think if it was shipped with or installed on the FP the costs would be substantially smaller as there is no extra handling and stuff…
Maybe the majority would vote for that? I don’t know…q

I wouldn’t want to pay even 5 Euro for a screen protector that I won’t ever use.

Giving the option to order it together with the phone is a different story. However I don’t know whether it safes any handling. If you order any accessories together with the phone, do you receive them in the same parcel? My guess is that the phone is shipped separately from accessories and thus no costs are saved when ordering it together.

My FP2 came with the standard screen protection foil. Which is in my opinion just for the transport, like with many other phones.
The first thing I did was to remove it.

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The mentioned foil is shown in this video (approx. minute 2:16…)

Please take into account that the shipped protection foil has no hole for the proximity sensor so you could have problems while doing phone calls.

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