Demand of Fairbuds XL UC Edition for Teams, Zoom, Meet

I don’t have them
But they look comfortable

Better then the shit Jabra I am using.

If the company would provide them I would prefer the fairbuds.

But they are pricey…

Like now you have that blender, that is made from recycled stuff…and easy to repair ( how did they come up with that).

Looks like an awesome piece of kit…,…but €250,- for a blender…got mine used for €15 ,- 10 years ago…

Don’t see myself switching to this thing however good the intentions are

I am talking about the boom the whole time.

As Fairphone did it with cables and chargers, the dongle could be ordered sperate for those in need.

Why are you talking about the boom, when I was asking you about the dongle?

But I’m out of this discussion now. There is no progress.

Finally. Thanks.
The initial subject was a useable business headset that the Faibuds XL isn’t. So my question still is: Who would like to see this released by Fairphone, maybe as a mofification for the current Fairbuds XL.

Sure thing the missing microphone, is a big miss. It should really had come have an additional USB-C connection as an option for a real decent microphone.
Hence the modulairty of the XL Fairbuds it would be rather easily to just replace one or a few parts.
Also would also be nice if the speaker sets could be replaced/upgraded to support surround like 7.1 that with an detachable microphone then you could also have a decent gaming headset.

Using the framework of the Fairbuds XL it shouldn’t be that hard to make a gaming headset that uses 90% the same parts as the Fairbuds XL. Sure is possible and feasable. But i’ll guess to depends alot on how well Fairbuds XL sells. Half of the work is already done and having an ecosystem with headsets/headphones with interchangable parts would probably benefit the current Fairbuds XL sales and longlivety.

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Again…I would not have a need for a gaming headset…but that’s a good extra reason for having a mic boom added…

Could Be just a connector … covered by a …wel…cover.

And if you need it , buy the "external mic " and plug it in.

Would make it super versatile…


You only have two ears, so adding additional loudspeakers in a headset for ‘surround’ or ‘gaming’ sound doesn’t make any sense. I’m glad that Fairphone is not into this gaming thing.

Though it obvioulsy works pretty well for other manufacuturers or headset. It works. Thats why people use them.
So Fairphone should by ignoring one largest markets in headsets, in that way they gonna make an impact? A very weird logic.

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7.1 by a bunch of drivers in a headphone is just marketing bull shit and does not bring any benefit.
Did you ever hear about ‚dummy head recording‘?

More than two drivers for surround sound in a headphone doesn’t make any sense.

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Maybe a couple of tweeters and a bass vibrator in the head band :slight_smile:

Well…I actually just simply told Fairphone about this discussion…

Pointing out that it could be a good idea to have a microphone boom that can attach to the head phone.

And that this would/could be interesting for video conferencing, use at work or in gaming.

And they reacted…so who knows…

what was their reaction?

That any idea that makes a product more useful for more people is worth looking into.

Also because
Phone headset
Game headset
Video conferencing headset

…or just 1 that does all… Is sustainability in itself.

So it’s been passed on to the right department internally to see if it’s doable

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Thanks for forwarding it. =)

I just figured that’s how stuff gets done

You can discuss all point comma’s and exclamation points…but putting the info where it can be used …that’s a shorter way towards results :smirk:

And all this from me…who will most likely never buy the fairbuds :laughing:

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I’m not so sure. Many of my colleagues have headsets without the mouthpiece, their audio is clear. Also for those with earbuds (in a train with people). I have daily online meetings. Maybe the software needs to improve? Online meetings with my Fairphone are also not a success. Maybe the noise cancellation capabilities of the Fairphone and also the Earbuds XL are the problem?

Of course the software implementation is also a thing.

My colleagues and me made some experience with different headsets since the pandemic and came to a conclusion, that best (background) noise cancellation headsets all have a microphone boom.
The triangular software interpolation from microphones on the earpeaces are in our experience behind those with a mirophone close to the mouth. We experienced this in office enviroments and on production floors.

Till now we didn’t found anything that beat this thing:
Plantronics Voyager 5200 Noise Cancellation Test! - YouTube
And that is interesting cause it is released in the mid 2010th.


For online meetings you need better microphone audio quality. It’s limited through the position of the microphone (nearer to mouth is better), but mostly limited through Bluetooth HFP (“Hands free Profile”) profile. Under Windows you just get under HFP just a very limited voice spectrum, like on the old telephones (8kHz). With just Bluetooth connections just get a dull voice.

That’s why a all of the wireless business and gaming headsets are using a proprietary connection via USB dongle (or just cable) to improve sound quality, the dongle acts like a usb soundcard, and with that you get a higher voice spectrum.

With my gaming headset (JBL Quantum 910 Wireless), i’ll never get a high quality microphone connection via bluetooth, because the HFP profile is technically limited.

So I think to build a Fairbuds XL Business or Gaming Edition, Fairphone could use a proprietary wireless connection parallel/next to Bluetooth and a pluggable microphone.


Or even better: Use a wireless connection and open source it for others to build upon and enhance it.


I’m with you, but there is imho nothing on the market or established in this segment. You can buy audio bridge chips (and designs), and yes they are proprietary, but widely in use, stable and tested.
But if there are OS hard- and software solutions, yes it would be nice, to have this on the wishlist!