Delivery and shipment

My prorder shipment was delayed, so FP promised new delivery scheduled b/w nov. 22.-26. Still not received tracking code or any explenation from FP…

Hi Krishans and welcome to the forum…
Just to be sure I hope you realise this is just a user forum and can’t give official help or advice.

Although you seem to have some communication with Fairphone it may help to send them an email support@fairphone|dot|com

Or maybe call them if you are a little desperate to hear \what they have to say.

It is only the last day of the new schedule, so you may not have to wait long.

Thanx Amoun,
the thing is, after botreplies it can take 5 days before u get a human respnse - in my case Kelly. And I haven’t heard from Kelly or any other human since november 3.

I suppose you’ve seen this page

They probably gave you a number to call ??

Our opening hours are 10:00-17:00 (CEST) Monday-Friday

+31 20 788 4400

You can also contribute and get some ideas from

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I have. And support has sent me a ticket number, but the log on wont accept my name/password… ?

Have you already signed in to the support site? That’s not your forum logon and not your Fairphone shop logon.
In your picture, you can see a line with:
‘Have you emailed us? Get a password’


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