Deleting the old forum


It’s been an ongoing topic about closing the old forum ( It still searches up in web searches and sometimes is even referred to as out-dated source of knowledge. The discussion was allowing it to have enough time to transition into the new forum. I think we’re at that point.

I want to confirm with the community that we agree it’s time to close that old forum. Thanks for the hard work moving some topics over, @Lidwien (and @Chris_R, @Robin for moderating in regards to this).



I’ll be the first then to say hurrah!

One thing we do need to watch out for is that there are a number of posts & fixes that have been made that point people to solutions on the old forum, so what we probably need to do is try and update the links in these forum posts to solutions on this forum.

I don’t think there are that many from a quick search for

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I’m very glad the old forum is closing!

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Is it just being closed or eventually deleted as the title suggests?

I think closing would be important. I am fine with deleting as well.

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Good idea. I’m still getting email notifications from people posting there.


Yes, the same with me.