Deleting phone contact details

I can’t delete contacts from my phone, as the delete option doesn’t appear?

Are you using the People App?
In case your are: the delete option normally shows up when you tap the leftmost button just under the screen area (the one with the two overlapping rectangles). If you don’t select a contact first, it show checkboxes for all your contacts so you can quickly delete multiple contacts.

Many thanks Johannes,

How do I get the App?



It’s a pre-installed app on the FP1, so you should have it already. It should be in the main menu somewhere, look for the circle with 6 squares in it above the ‘last used / most used apps’ overview, or in the edge swipe menu (both are also shown in this video). In the menu, swipe left until you see the app (alphabetical order).

P.S. Just a side thought - deleting contacts this way will remove them from whichever place they’re stored in. For example, if this is a google account, they will also be removed from that account. Also, If you’re deleting contacts because you’re giving the phone to someone else, remove any accounts on the phone (via settings) and then factory reset the device to clear all other personal data.

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Johannes, I owe you one - many thanks. I am now deleting old/changed contacts.


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