Deleting contacts does not work. Contacts keep "coming back"

I’ve taken over my daughter’s FP1 after I bought her a FP2. All her contacts are still in the phone although she and I tried more than 20 times to delete them. We’ve tried deleting single contacts, deleting only 1-5 contacts, deleting all etc. It looks as if it works because for the moment they’re gone, but as soon as I turn the phone off and on, or even only switch to another app and back they’re all back. Also every contact exists there at least 3 or 4 times. Also my newly added contacts keep disappearing and coming back sometimes after switching off an on.

Has anyone had the problem and solved it? The only solution I can think of, is deleting all apps and do some sort of “cleaning” the phone, is that possible, at all?

Thanks and kind regards

Did you create a new account on the phone? If you’re using your daughter’s FP1 and her account is still active on the phone, deleting all contacts would mean she looses all contacts on het FP2 too…

Yes, I have created a googlemail account. Is that correct? She told me I am obliged to create a googlemail account although I don’t want to use googlemail. But her goolemail account is also still there on the phone, is it possible to remove her account from this specific phone?

I suppose it should be possible to delete her account, but I don’t have a FP1 to look how you should do this. Probably somewhere in the settings, there will be an entry “account”.

You do indeed need a Google (Gmail) account, but you’re not obliged to use this e-mail. You can easily connect your own email account to your FP and never be bothered by Gmail :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve already installed another email. So you think I shold try and somehow remove her Google account from the FP1? I’ll try and find this kind of settin and see how it works.


Go to Settings and check what accounts are listed under the accounts heading. By default, Google accounts will add contacts back into the phone, as will WhatsApp, Skype, and probably a number of other accounts that are used to communicate with people.
To remove a google account from the phone, under accounts tap Google, then tap the account you want to remove. A screen showing the Sync details will pop up (usually takes a couple of seconds). Now tap the left-most of the buttons just below the screen area - the one with the icon of two rectangles with rounded edges. A menu should pop-up from which you can select ‘Remove account’. The same method should work for any other accounts you wish to remove.


You are not obliged to have a google account. However, if you want to use the Google Play Store or any other Google service, you will need to have a google mail adress and this google account set up on your phone.
@Johannes gave a good description on how to remove an old account.

Personally, when taking over the phone of someone else, I would strongly recommend to reset the phone. This way all data of the original user is deleted, and you can start with a clean system, like on a new phone (Settings → Backup & Restore → Reset). This way you have a very clean separation between different users (of course also in regard of any privacy concerns).


Dear Johannes,

thanks very much for your advice. That sounds logic to me. Just to make sure I don’t do it wrong. Removing an account does not mean I delete it, right? so my daughter’s account including all her contacts will still be available on her FP2?

Exactly! I don’t know if it is even possible to easily delete a Google account. If it is, then it can only be done through a web browser.

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No, you just disconnect the account from your phone, but the google account itself remains untouched.

Dear freibadschwimmer,

thanks very much for your advice too. I might do that as well, although it means I have to put in another 2-3 hrs of inserting all my contact details again. Ouch, that hurts :wink:

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You can export all your contacts into a file and then import it again.
In the contacts app settings there should be a point for import/export where you can choose to export them to a vcf file. Just make sure that you have a backup of that file (e.g. on your computer) before you reset the phone, which will delete all personal data.

Unfortunately there’s no option to export to an vcf file. Targets to export to are:

  • my googlemail account
  • my SIM Card
  • Interner Speicher

no matter which of the three I try (Interner Speicher doesn’t make any sense for this specific case anyway) to export to,
as an option to export I only get three of my contacts which I could tick but no more

The right option here should be “interner Speicher”, which should allow you to save your contacts as a file.
You just then need to copy the file to your computer (or send it yourself as an email), so you have a backup of the file before reseting the device.
Of course you can also save all contacts to the SIM card, that would also work.

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Now I’ve tried: Source: “Interner Speicher” to Target: “Telefon”

Then I get: “Search for v-card data on the SD card” and then "No vCard Data in interner Speicher gefunden. What does that mean? There’s no SD card in the phone yet. If I had one in there, could I transfer the data to the SD card, instead to a PC?

Seems, it still does not work, No matter what source I try to export from, I only see three of my contacts and not all of them. But thanks anyway. I don’t necessarily have to reset the phone now, as long as it stays in the family. But I will definitely do that when I give it away to someone else.

Thanks again so much for your help.


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