Delete old TWRP backups

Hello fellow forumlings!
FP2, Fpoos 18.04.1
Space on the internal memory goes low. Twrp uses 10 Gigs only on backups (2016, 2017). Is it wise to delete these? Also, how do I do that? I don’t see an option for that in TWRP itself.

My google-fu on that topic is weak. I couldn’t find anything useful on the web.

Before I do something stupid, like accidentally deleting a partition or something with amaze or ghost commander, I thought I’ll ask here :slight_smile:

  • I will transfer Data like old Pictures on the external SD card
  • Movies will be moved to from ext.SD to a 128GB USB stick using an OTG

But I do like to look at the pictures I made and reminescence, so I’d rather have everything available.

So: Can I delete the backups and if so, how?

Pictures, Videos and all Media is not backed up by TWRP anyway.
Deleting old TWRP backups shouldn’t be a problem because TWRP always backs up everything and not just changes since the last backup. I’d delete them directly from TWRP though: Restore -> select the backup -> delete.


TWRP doesn’t back those up (see the warning on screen when TWRP creates a backup, the forum guide to backing up with TWRP, or the TWRP FAQ), so that should be a separate question to whether or not you have any use for the old backups.

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Uuuh wee! 13 gigs freed!
Thankeschön @paulakreuzer

RedReader alone used up 4 gigs on cache only! I now have changed it’s cache settings.

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