Delete FP and FP forum account or anonymise it


how can I delete my FP account and my FP forum account with all the data included? The forum posts can stay, but they should be anonymous after deleting the account.

Kind Regards

What account do you mean?

I can do that for you.

FP account: The account I can login here:

Okay, than please delete my accounts or anonymise them

Please be aware that my name is under the post of the following thread:

Thank you kindly

The Fairphone shop account can only be removed by contacting support I believe.

If I anonymize your forum account you won’t be able to log in and post anymore. Shall I do this now?

I removed it.

Okay, I have not found a possibility to contact them, but I’ll try again.

My name is still visible in the preview of this page, because I copied the link here.

Yes, please do so. Thank you.

See here: #contactsupport.

Bye. :wave:


I would like to delete me forum account and my data. But I can’t do this. For me, it’s a problem. Someone can help me and delete my account?

Thank you.

I’ll anonymize your forum account now…

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