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Hello, I’m thinking about leaving … so how can one delete his account here? I was not able to find the standard function in the preferences. Thanks!


Are you sure ? There are not many thoughtful critics like us. To be honest I would like to ask you to stay, if possible.


In the admin view of your account it says:

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So I better keep quite for 60 days :slight_smile:

@anon9505190: I fear that this is not really a movement. It’s a company that builds a phone. And they try hard. The problem is that their communication rules that might make them successful as a company, do not really work for discussing the “project”.

This is just a support forum for their finished products. That’s okay and it’s a good forum. But I want to talk about how phones are made and how this process can be made better. For people, for the environment, for the users. This is not happening here.


Mind that post older than 60 days can’t be deleted.

Oh, I want my posts to stay here. I spend quite a long time writing and reading up for them. But I don’t want to come back, once I delete the account.

I could suspend your account:

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Please do so! Thanks!

I agree, and I was asking myself whether you will ever buy a FP2 ? Obviously you won’t . Otherwise the forum would be still for practical purpose.

Again I totally agree, unfortunately. I guess I would leave it also if I wouldnot own a FP2. However turning things to get better including this forum I didnot loose hope because of FP Open OS, SF-OS and CM. But for hardware I agree there is not much hope for more transparency if you don’t own a company that wants to produce components for FP2.
The problem with this forum is how it tries to replace partly FP’s own support service. I am not sure if this is a good idea when FP foregoes basic tasks of user support. A product lives from professional support and this cannot be replaced by this forum. But even for this we have to wait for the new support team to be fully working.


Done! I suspended your account until 25th August 2017. For ever was not possible.

I always enjoyed reading your posts!


Oh! I guess my fruitless tries to keep you inside the forum and answering was in vain. I will not get any answer before august 2017 :unamused: So, farewell , @fp1_wo_sw_updates (even addressing your account fails now) .


I also like your analysis and I like your critical thinking. Even though, I ofen don’t agree with you, I believe that we need critical people like you, because you help people like me to see the whole spectrum and make us think about questions we otherwise wouldn’t ask ourselves.

As @anon9505190 already stated, critical people like you (both) are rare here. A forum without critics is barely questioning important issues. And a discussion without critics is not a discussion.

So please come back. :cry:


thanks for the flowers :slight_smile: fp1_wo_sw_updates had different motivation for his constructive critics. He expected more transparency not only technically but also about the production supply chain . My scepticism was more of a general kind . Some of my scepticism is about some people here who definetley are on a special mission. You find them when they start their postings with “Stop telling this or that!” A test magazin with much reputation (Stiftung Warentest) in GE calls them literally “offenders by conviction”. I think new possible customers should get a realistic image around FP2 and FP and still shall decide for this device. This is not possible with simple topics like “Oh all is fine with my FP2” .

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Guys, you know he can’t “hear” you, right?