Delete account forum

Hi there,

Although I completely agree with the reasons behind the existence of Fairphone(s), I don’t use mine anymore.

as such, I would like to have my account deleted, but I can’t find how to do this.

Can a moderator perhaps do this?

Thanks in advance!

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Hm. Interesting case, I would have expected there’d be a “delete my account” button somewhere, but I can’t find one either.

Looked up the Forum’s Terms of Service, but these just say “stop using the site if you’re leaving”. Checked the Privacy Policy, too, they don’t mention termination and how to do that.

But they list support@fairphone.com as the ones to contact for privacy requests. Maybe you can just write them an e-mail and see what happens (though, if you do, maybe you can post here, too, so we’d know, too, for if our time ever comes to leave)?


Sad to hear, that you gave up on the phone; or rather the phone gave up, as it seems.
Could you try another display to check, if that was the cause for your troubles?

I am just new as a moderator, but as I see it, users that have posted on the forum can not be deleted. Postings have to be deleted first. And postings that are older than 60 days can not be deleted. (Edit: Forgot to mention, that this is the case here.)
Those are restrictions by the forum software (discourse).
But I can anonymize a user.

That - to me - seems a sensible solution.
Deleting a user could turn threads into nonsense, when suddenly postings are gone missing, that have been answered or discussed by others.
Deleting postings and trying to keep the structure of threads would be a task I wouldn’t really like to take on, to be honest.
Anonymized accounts can not be identified anymore and the threads stay intact.

If that’s OK, I will anonymize your account now.

Maybe this could be added to the Terms of Service or the FAQ.
I will look into it.


Please can you anonymize and delete my account too?

Of course.
And if you want to join again later, you’re always welcome.
And done.