Delayed Delivery due to cable shortage

If you are waiting for your phone you might be interested in this.

I ordered 2 fairphones. They were about 2 weeks over the initally estimated delivery time. My oder info was stuck at “preparing order”.

Only by calling the Netherland hotline (the others got shut down recently), I found out that the phones had been lying around for 2-3 weeks. Bummer!
I had made the mistake or ordering (the very expensive) USB-C cables with it. There were waiting for delivery of the cables. They could not give me a date yet. They refused to ship the phone first.
The only way to get the phones shipped was to cancel the cables.

Good customer service would be to ship phones as soon as they arrive, then the cables.
Medium customer service would be sending an email “hello your phones are here, but we still wait for the cable. We do not have a delivery date yet. For logistics reasons we can not ship seperately. If you like to cancel the cables please do…”
Terrible customer service is to do nothing and let the customer find out himself/herself.


Spot on. :+1: Delays may be inevitable but there is no excuse for not communicating with your customers. Very disappointing. :angry:

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Still waiting since 8 weeks!!
WTF, if this is the reason.

Sending them separate leads to more environmental impact, as well as higher costs. I do agree they should clearly communicate this, but that seems like a virus frolicking around at a lot of companies. Though that doesn’t excuse Fairphone, it does seem to be a sign of our times.


Ohhh crap, then i have the same situation. Ordered my phone on 5th of November with usb-charger and the cable. I alreday send two e-mails to the customer support. Maybe i should keep my feet still and just be patient for the phone. I mentioned this in an other thread too. The communication from Fairphone to his customers about the ordered phone ist not the best. But when you get in contact with some one, the really trying to help. Maybe the don’t expected how much phones they would sell. :sweat_smile:

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I checked my order today. And the status changed from order confirmed to preparing order. So i’m awaiting the shipment. And again i didn’t get any email about the change. My order number starts with FP300xxxxxx.

My order status (Nov. 11th) has changed to “complete”. No mail from Fairphone, but a notification from DHL Express Germany that an (unspecified!) order was scheduled for delivery on Dec. 12. Current status (DHL Express Netherlands): “In transit” [“Tuesday, December 10, 2019: Processed at BRUSSELS - BELGIUM, 23:52”]
The delay (End November to mid December) is moderate and no problem at all, but communication is still failing…

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