Delay of the camera when taking photos


Is it normal that I have such a long delay (almost 1 sec) when I take pictures ? Is there any option making possible to take pictures instantly like other phones do ? Impossible to take any instant pictures of moving objects …

I use the pre installed camera app (open OS), and google camera sometimes.

Thanks for assistance :wink:

I didn’t have Open Camera pre-installed on OpenOS, but I expierience the same issue with Open Camera

Sorry, mistake. It isn’t open camea, just camera.

As far as I can tell from my experience with the native camera app, the camera sometimes auto-focuses upon hitting the release (photo button) to make sure you don’t get a blurry picture. If these adjustments are just very slight, it might seem as if the camera is having a delay.

Yes I noticed that the camera always refocuses even if I did it myself before. It might be useful for people who doesn’t know how to make photos but on my side, I prefer to focus manually then do the photo at the instant I choose.

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I have the same problem of very very long time for a shot.
Sometimes, the camera seems unable to focus and it’s all blurry on the screen.
it’s weird, I take a picture and when I look at it, it seems to have been rotated from ~40° and I have black triangles on every corner and my picture is not well framed.
I have to kill the app and start again.

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