Degoogling FP - will Signal and Telegram be available after?

Hi everyone

I am new to all of this and not particularly techie. Bought a FP3+ and would like to de-google it for privacy. Am based in Italy.

I am wondering once degoogled, will I be able to use Signal and Telegram on my phone? Which OS should I install to get those two apps and where would I get them from?

I am considering e/os but it seems quite complex and only installable if one has a PC. I have a mac.


Hey Sim and welcome :slight_smile:

I have been using LOS 17.1 without GApps or MicroG on my FP3 for 3 to 4 months now. To install Telegram I used F-Droid and for Signal I used Aurora Store which I also installed via F-Droid first. Both works without any problems.

For the Lineage installation I used my MacBook. It is a bit tricky though. You might consider watching a few tutorials on Youtube first and reading through the manual several times.

In general I’m very happy with LOS 17.1. Even my banking app works, but I would not take that for granted with every banking app.

Hope this helps a bit! :wink:


Thank you very much! Ok so Telegram comes from f droid and Aurora also and then Signal from Aurora :slight_smile:

May I ask why you chose LOS 17.1 and not e/os?

There seem to be different OS options and I am not entirely clear which one to use.

Also once you do this where do you get support from if needed? I understand FP doesn’t provide any for degoogled FPs. But there is always the option to revert back to Google.

Thanks again!!

I use /e/OS and Telegram and Signal both work fine (but location sharing in Telegram only works with the F-Droid version, not the Aurora Store version, and I’m not sure what the built-in Apps app uses)

I am using Signal and Telegram on my FP2 with Fairphone Open (so w/o Guhgel stuff). Both work, but I realize that both consume battery.
Signal keeps synchronising in the background. Having no Guhgel-stuff it does this by itself which is more power consuming than using Guhgel push service. As you cannot set the interval of these synchronisation the only way to save power is to “kill” the app after every usage.
Telegram has a funny behaviour on my device. I use 2 user accounts with different telegram accounts. On one I can disable background synchronisation, which is what I want. On the other however, this option automatically jumps back to “enable” and I have no clue why.
So in summary on the FP2 (running Android 9) without Guhgel stuff I have a higher power consumption due to these 2 apps.

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This forum is a blessing! You can just try and search for a topic and post your questions. For example studying this thread helped me a lot before taking the step to LOS and even beyond.

I can’t really say. LOS just looked more complete to me. I’m not an expert :grimacing:

Exactly! You can download the stock FP OS anytime and install it yourself using this instruction manual.


You can buy a FP3+ from the /e/ foundation. Then /e/OS comes preinstalled and you get support for it from /e/ foundation.


Thanks, unfortunately I bought FP3+ before I understood privacy implications …

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Thank you hypnotoad! Thank you everyone indeed a brilliant forum!!


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Sorry, hadn’t read your first post thoroughly enough.

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/e/ is more degoogled than LOS. Even if you don’t install the GAPPS, LOS still makes calls to Goolge. That is changed in /e/. Also you have a whole ecosystem with /e/, that is why I chose /e/.


There’s no need to download Signal via the Aurora store, you can download the apk directly from the Signal website, and it will auto-update.


N.B: There is a smart alternative to signal und telegramm: A swiss messenger, which seams to be secure und seriously. It costs only CHF 3.- once.

It is difficult to find a privacy oriented messenger. Signal and Threema are recommendable but all the others?
Do your own decision! This Matrix will help. At the end there is an indication whether it can be recommended or not.

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Threema may be the way to go though it will cost 4 Swiss Francs

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Hi everyone, sorry for my silence. Had troubles with my computer and managed to log back in only now. Thanks a lot for all your suggestions!

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