Definitive source for Android version end of life?

Every now and then I want to know which exact version of Android is still supported and will receive security updates. But somehow I can’t find any official word on Google and/or Android pages. According to wikipedia Android 6 is now unsupported. But how to be sure?


I don’t know who maintains that Wikipedia list, but since there are still security updates for Lollipop (or even KitKat?) being made it just can’t be correct.

I’ve never heard of Google talking about a plan for updates. End of support comes rather surprisingly.

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Found it by Wikipedia’s sources. All of the mentioned issues were fixed from Nougat onwards, omitting Marshmallow. The last fix for Marshmallow came in August. :worried:

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According to folks from LineageOS, only 7.1 and 8.0 are getting official security patches. The patches are getting backported back to 4.4 by some people though.


I know about those official security bulletin pages and that August was the last month, Marshmallow received an update. But the absence of a patch could be due to older versions not being affected. :wink:

IIRC generally, Google guarantees security updates (for their - pixel - devices) for 3 years after the release or 18 month after sales have stopped, whichever is longer.

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