Defecting to the dark side

After almost 4 years I’m no longer among the FP owners :frowning: Not because my FP1 decided to give up, but because I received a message telling me that a forthcoming update of a for me indispensable app will require at least Android 5.
Regretfully I do not see the FP2 as an option. It is too expensive - it was expensive when launched, and for a two year old phone the price is way too high.
As some of you may remember from my previous posts I’m also sceptical about the modular design. The idea is great, but I strongly suspect that many of the hardware issues FP2 owners have encountered can be explained by this design. Complaints about customer support add to my wariness, as does the uncertainty when it comes to future Android upgrades. So I finally chose an unfair Moto G5+ as replacement.
My FP1 is on its way to a new home, and hopefully the new owner will enjoy it for its remaining lifespan (maybe even a few years).
In an attempt to reduce the shock of separation, my new phone proudly carries the original FP1 wallpaper and the ‘Peace of mind’ app :slight_smile:
I will follow the FP saga and maybe there will be a more attractive model available next time I’m forced to get a new phone.


That’s unfortunate to hear! I hope that you will continue to be a member of this community. :slight_smile:

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Sad to hear, but has it’s truth. Fairphone still is pretty much in their baby steps and if they carry on with their campaign and motivation behind their idea, I think we will see more “stable” hardware in the near future.

As for the high price… well, if you take a look on how Fairphone cares about conflict free resources and providing workers a fair wage and environment… I gladly pay a bit extra for that cause. Another bonus is the transparency in their communication of the overall costs, I’m sure you already saw the infograph illustrating a detailed breakdown on the total cost of the phone and how little money Fairphone actually makes from that.

Oh and did I mention the monthly security updates? So far I don’t see any other companies actually doing that.

Maybe you could look around and try if you could get a used FP2 for a lower price?


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