Deep uncharged fp2 stays in slowcharge, turning on and off constantly

Hi there!

I am having trouble charging my FP2. I am travelling through Asia and firstly asian wallplugs were fine for charging my phone. After a long motorbike ride in the rain my phone got deep uncharged or damaged by water, I assume the first as I got my phone working again for one day.

I charged the phone for a long time. It was in slow charge mode however did charge and worked for one day, the battery was full and everything was fine. When the battery died again it would not charge anymore. The led is red and blinking (slowcharge mode). It constantly turns on and of again. When it is turned on i can see the battery symbol at the top right of the screen with the charging symbol in it, the symbol shows the battery is empty. After being able to see the screen for one second the phone turns off.

Shortly, I am wondering what the issue is; it does show that the charger is connected, the red led blinks and it turns on and off. Could it be asian voltage or plugs? Or maybe water damage made the phone stop charging the battery?

Thanks for reading, hope there is a solution!!


I know it doesn’t help you much in your current situation, but if you suspect water damage, you should never turn on your phone before taking measures against the water damage, here’s the water wiki:

And here’s the battery guide for handling battery and charging troubles:

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Thanks for your reply Stefan!

Will try everything in the wikis.


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