Dedicated environmentalist wishes to buy a Fairphone!

Dear lucky owners of a Fairphone!

My longtime oldfashioned (no smartphone) Nokia is dead and I realize I need to buy a smartphone… Working with environmental issues it just has to be a Fairphone, meaning any Fairphone 1 or 2! Please contact me, I promise to take great care of it!

Thanks in advance!

Elisabet, Sweden


Hi Elisabet,
I have a 4 months Indigo FP2 I don’t use anymore; I tried it during one week, because I really love the idea of introducing fair in that mobile industry and act for a better sustainability, but I can’t make myself with that “Google-Android interface” and if I change the OS, I fear losing access to the apps I need to work.

So, if you want, t’yours! Do you have any idea the amount in EUR you’re ready to pay for it? (The initial price was 399 EUR in march 2019)

Richard (located in Brussels, Belgium)

Dear Richard,

thank you so much for your reply! And good to know the reason why you are thinking about selling your FP2, since I know so litte about smartphones (but a lot about extraction of natural resources…).

I did know the initial price of Fairphones but I don´t really have any idea about how much to pay for a used one. Would it be possible for you to give my a hint of what your idea is?

This might seem silly to ask, but I tried buying another used Fairphone but it turned out to be locked by a specific mobil operator. What is the situation with your phone?

Kind regards,


Hello Elisabet and Richard,

I am also interested in buying a FP, so if in the end you don’t manage to make the sell, please let me know (esp. as I live in Brussels too, would be easy!).

But of course, the priority to Elisabet !! :slight_smile:

And sorry, I can not help with your question about the locking of the phone. Hopefully, you will find the answer.


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I ordered and bought the mine on the Fairphone’s website, so no risk of locking.
For the price, I thought to 330 EUR (excl. cost of shipping); would it be a fair price for you ?


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Thank you for your offer; clearly selling the phone without caring for shipping would be an asset :wink: Would it be ok for the price I asked to Elisabet ?

Hello again Richard, and Christine!

Thanks for giving me priority, that´s great to read!

The phone is yours Christine, it seems easier with no shipping…Hopefully I will find a Fairphone closer to Sweden or a FP1.


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Of course Elisabet !

Thank you, I hope you will find the FP you are looking for !

Richard, I just sent you a message to talk about the phone, so we don’t flood Elisabet’s topic :wink:


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