Debating "what’s wrong with FP3, so that FP4 comes out so soon?"

So if FP launch every year a phone they can’t meet there goals? That is nonsens in my opinion. The feeling you described is something which the consumer have, not what a company as Fairphone creates.

I think the problem isn’t so much, ‘a must have’ but more that a lot of consumers are put off by the specs, so Fairphone want to appeal to customers with more common but technically advanced hardware. And unless someone is a bit of an ethics freak the cost is off-putting.

So ramping up the sales is probably the only way Fairphone, as a profitable business, can see the future.

You have your opinion, but so do I. So please don’t call my opinion ‘nonsense’, that’s kind of rude.

I think and believe, that Fairphone started their business in a different way, than the others. The big companies advertise their products with the goal to create a demand that needs to be satisfied at least every two years, if not every year.

Fairphone creates smartphones that last longer. It’s not the main goal to sell as much as possible and release a new phone as soon as the ‘old’ one is selling a fraction of a percent less than in the last quarter.


I think different consumers have different expectations. One would prefer to buy a new smartphone every year, while the other wants to use it until it finally breaks down. Security and thus the longest possible software support is important to one, while the other does not care.

Fairphone try to comply with the idea of sustainability. I cannot imagine them launching a new smartphone just because it is “cool”. Even though the modular concept is not quite mature in terms of reliability, it definitely has potential. You do not have to replace the entire device for a better camera. That is very good and exemplary.

However, I would have one criticism: Unfortunately, the SoC of the upcoming FP4 is also from the lower mid-range. The device would not be much more expensive if it were equipped with a better chip. It would also make the device more future-proof.

And yes, support clearly needs to get better, meaning the helpdesk and updates…

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Who knows, there may be many customers who after buying the FP4 are not happy, but that’s not down to the phone or Fairphone but the expectations of the consumer. So the danger is raising the expectations of the consumer, which is almost impossible in many if not most cases.

So whereas the FP4 may help with some expectations it takes away the expectation that the Fairphones are going to last.

So I can only measure the cost in terms of Fairphone’s ethics on how the phones are made not on the quality of the phone and the expectations I have. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel for each side of the arguments, I do, and it’s not a comfortable feeling,

That is true I responded on your opinion in relation to the goals of Fairphone not on having that opnion. Since you called my rude the term nonsens is more wide in Dutch I guess.

Last longer ≠ less new phone models each year.

The fairphone 3 went on sale in september 2019, the FP3+ a year ago with some upgrades for a selection of users so is it really a problem if FP is launching a new phone in 2021?

I really like this discussion but although it may be a rhetorical question is does provoke answers and of course some people are not overjoyed to see a new phone, others welcome it and most don’t care.

Someone having bought an FP3+ to get the best specs may well be a bit upset a user of an FP2 maybe quite happy.

The question is loaded from the view of the proposer who has not wanted to contribute any more. maybe this topic has had it’s day, like an old phone :slight_smile:

Are you really asking someone for an answer? I’m not sure anyone said it was a problem? Though the topic title does provoke the idea that something maybe ‘wrong’ and it’s down to timing.

Fairphone never tire of emphasizing that the most sustainable phone is the one you own. I do not see any problems other than organizational ones if a new Fairphone really does come onto the market every year. But consumers have to ask themselves whether they really need a new device if the existing one still works perfectly…


I am a FP2 user, The FP2 as a phone comes to an end for me, I don’t want buy another battery and the bottom module is hard to get. I am not interested in FP3+ on the moment in time, I am open for a FP4 if his ones will be launched otherwise it will be another phone. That’s why introducing new phones regularly is important.

The best goal Fairphone can achieve is to have the same form factor by the coming models with only hardware upgrades or specific parts (like FP3+ but then on every part). In that case everybody is happy in my opnion.

Regarding the question, I thought the question of this topic and the respones on it implies there are a part of the community see it as a problem Fairphone will (maybe) introduce a new phone.

I do not understand your logic, since the FP3+ is a better phone than the FP2 you own currently…

Fairphones cost more money then regular phone which I understand and support however for the hardware what you get in the FP3+ and the estimated lifiespan regarding new technologies I don’t see really value for my money on the moment.

Yes that is one of the issues which feeds into the idea that the FP4 is too soon, and as @ocramarco said

The best goal Fairphone can achieve is to have the same form factor

but that isn’t happening so there’s disappointment on that front. But I think there is greater disappointment for the new user market that want a phone that is more compatible with their expectations and user habits. The FP4 will go some way to help the latter I imagine.

My concern is that if support and spares don’t work out a better the FP4 will be on the ropes too and there’s a limit to how many phones I will buy to support the Fairtrade element.

I get that @ocramarco wants the FP4, makes sense to me.

These are of course good arguments in favor of the FP4. Let us hope that it scores better in terms of reliability than the previous Fairphone models. But I do not really see the FP3+ as wrong, to return to the title of this thread. Fairphone first have to prove that they manage to build reliable devices…


As the topic is about the debate as to what is ‘wrong’ with the FP3 it’s pretty safe to argue about any aspect of the FP3 and the FP4 and compare them to someone’s expectations and desires.

Looks like I’ll be getting my daughters FP3+ this week as she has opted for a second hand iphone :frowning:

So though I’ll have one <8 months old and another <11 I’m still considering buying the FP4 to see what it’s like, whether it’s in a couple of weeks or later. The sooner the better and if they can keep support going for both I’m set for a decade ahead maybe :slight_smile:

I am proud of your daughter, as she buys a phone that has been in use before. No worker must suffer by a second hand phone…

That’s what I criticize about a new Fairphone model coming too early. You already have two current Fairphones and want to buy a new one anyway, just because it’s there.


I’m totaly with you, that’s a huge problem. Ppl tend to buy new things instead of keeping the old ones which work fine.
That is a consumption which is leading us to huge ecological problems. BUT it’s not Fairphone hwo is in charge to change that initially - it is each one of us and the ppl we are with. New things still tent to be seen as better - we can change that.
AND at the same time companies like FairPhone can support that new thinking. And I think they do in a way, they still can be economic.
They say ‘keep your existing phones’.
They do not bring tones of different devices, mid-class, low-class and a high class. They just bring one new device (jet). They bring modules to prevent you buying a new phone just for a better cam. They recicle old devices and and and.
And even more important they build devices to last not like some big companies with a pre build brake after 2 years.

So you are totaly right. We need to change this kind of consumption. And I think Fairphone helps accomplish that.
Bringing a new device isn’t changing this goals as I think.

So let’s show ppl how it is possible to keep devices for more than 2 years. :muscle:


What comes first? The hen or the egg?

Of course it’s in you, whether you really buy something or not. But is a company releasing products after the demand of the customer or is it creating demand by releasing new products?

For example the car manufacturers are saying the customer wants SUVs. I believe no customer wanted these cares, before they were released and advertised as the new thingie to have by the car companies.

Not because it’s there :slight_smile:
I have mentioned the story, I didn’t want a Fairphone, my daughter did due to the fair trade element, so that is the only criteria I’m concerned with.

Despite my buying it for her, as I was apprehensive about here being happy with it, and buying another to support her, she can’t cope with it.

So from my point of view I’m still trying to promote the notion of fairtrade by buying her the FP4

So whereas I agree with your concerns, they are not ones that impact upon a purchase.

If it wasn’t for the fairtrade element I would not buy the FP4, but then if it wasn’t for the fairtrade element I wouldn’t have bought one Fairphone let alone two etc.

Do you want to say, the more you buy, the better you support fair trade?
In my eyes, that’s quite far apart from the Fairphone goals.