Dear FP, PLEASE work on your support! (Not speed, but answer quality!)

So on Nov 18, couple of days ago I wrote the Support, because my backcover and my bottom module were broken (for the 3rd time). Here is my E-Mail:

##This is what I got as a reply:

I can fully understand that support is behind the requests and therefore has to aswer requests quickly, but THIS IS SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE.
I did anything possible to speed up the proces and to not get this kind of response. I sent my IMEI, my order number, I told them that I already tried multiple chargers, I even told them that I was an Angel, because I thought that this may lead to a custom response, but no, everything I got was an automatic piece of pre-written sentences.
I don’t know what to do now, because I don’t have the patience to answer politely.

My phone works atm, because @paulakreuzer borrowed me a bottom module from Austian Fairphoners stock until my new one arrives, but you definitely have to do something about this. Maybe @Douwe can forward this so I finally can get my module and my cover, because I cannot (see paragraph above).


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