Dead zone in touchscreen - temporary alternative for swiping to take incoming calls?

Hello, a certain zone in my FP2’s touchscreen stopped working: i can’t type certain letters (unless if I hold it horizontal), and I can’t swipe right to pick up an incoming call (understandably, the phone doesn’t rotate to horizontal when a call comes in). I have checked the forum and understand the issue and what can be done about it, but as I’m about to leave the country for 3 weeks I won’t have time soon to deal with it.

My question: is there any alternative to swiping right to answer an incoming call? Some setting? An app that would replace or modify the app for doing calls that doesn’t use swiping (or swipes up/down like in whatsapp)?

Thanks for your suggestions!


There’s an app called Auto Answer available through F-Droid, which automatically answers calls. Not exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s the libre option.

I’m experimenting with an Xposed module called Physical Button Master Control - I think it should be able to allow calls to be answered with the camera button, but the process of finding out how is a bit fiddly.

Is your phone rooted, and do you have Xposed by any chance?

Edit: it can be done. Here’s how to make it so that you can answer your phone with the camera button:

  1. Have a rooted phone, install Xposed Installer, open Xposed Installer and install framework, reboot.
  2. In the Xposed Installer, go to ‘Download’ and install Xposed module Physical Button Master Control. Activate the module and reboot.
  3. Open PBMC, press ‘no’ when it offers to create chains.
  4. Tap the plus sign, and tap ‘Advanced chain’.
  5. For ‘name’ type in any name, like ‘answer phone’.
  6. Tap ‘Add key’, tap ‘CHANGE’ and briefly press the camera button. The box next to ‘CHANGE’ should now say ‘Camera’.
  7. Next to ‘Action’ tap ‘NOTHING’, tap ‘Keypress’ and then tap ‘Call (5)’.
  8. Tap ‘SCREEN OFF’, and select ‘LOCKSCREEN’ and ‘SCREEN ON’. All three options should be selected.
  9. For ‘Telephony’, deselect ‘IDLE’ and select ‘Ringing’.
  10. Tap the floppy disc icon at the top of the screen.

You can now answer phone calls with the camera button. It’ll only perform this function when there’s an incoming call, so it performs its usual functions at all other times.

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i’m not familiar with f-droid or rooted phones (and professionally quite tied up in a google environment), but i’ll take a look at it!

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If you have headphones with hardware buttons, you can also use those to answer the phone and then use them for the call or unplug them and call normally. Definitely not optimal, but it’ll work in a pinch.

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