Dead vibration?

I have noticed today that even after a reboot the vibration seems to not working anymore. I usually have the phone on silent with vibration and the fact that it doesn’t give a life sign makes me miss both notifications and calls.

I don’t think I have changed some setting but you never know…

You can test the hardware in the Service tests. Launch the phone app and dial

* # * # 6 6 # * # *

(without gaps) to get here:

If the “vibrator” is working, then it must be either a wrong setting or a software problem.


Mmm. When running that test the phone seems stone silent for over 15 seconds…

Alright, I think it is dead. I have turned on all settings of all type.
Is there any way to fix this?

I guess you could first clean the contacts between the bottom module and the core module.
Then you could also try to contact a #fairphoneangel, he/she may be able to help you by lending you a spare part.
Did anything happen to your phone? A fall, water damage, anything else?
In any case, you should #contactsupport as this may/should be treated as a warranty case.

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Alright, I will try cleaning, then spare parts.
I have contacted support already - I hope (should I get a confirmation email? when I sent the form I didn’t get anything).

It has fallen but I do not recall having the vibration stopping working after that.
No major water damage (but humidity/water might have entered the phone as it was raining and I was out walking and took it up).
so, I am not sure if any specific event has caused the issue.

I guess it is easier to open and check it up - can it be that it is not in place properly anymore or is the vibrator not modular?

Yes, you should afaik at least receive a first automatic confirmation. Did you check your spam folders?


Did check, but no mail there. I guess I will send the form again. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Tried again. No confirmation. I guess something is fishy with the website?

You didn’t do a mistake when entering your email address? You are sure it is the right one?

Yeah, I can try again :slight_smile:

Now, all of a sudden… this is fixed.
Vibration is working again.
The HW test is successful.

What happened?

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That’s an excellent question! Anything could have solved it, if you don’t know what caused it it’s rather difficult to know what could have solved it :wink: Maybe a shock which reconnected the module properly :man_shrugging:
I think the right answer to this question is “informatics and electronics” :wink:
In any case I hope the problem isn’t going to occur randomly again :crossed_fingers:

Me too, but I am actually wondering if some humidity entered in that part of the phone and that when dried out the module started to work again.

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If some water came in and affected the bottom module you should find a red little dot somewhere on the module. If not it will be white.
Possible though that humidity isn’t enough to change the colour…


I guess for next time if problem will reoccur, otherwise I guess now that it is working it won’t detect any humidity or similar anyway.

It happens only once. The dot won’t become white again if there’s no water anymore, it becomes red if it was at some point exposed to water and remains red after.
I think this is also used for warranty cases by Fairphone to know whether a part of the phone has been in contact with water.


Aha, thanks. Good to know!

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