Dead power button, impossible to boot

Hi Stefan, thanks for your quick answer. I’m going to get to this shop then.

In the meantime, could you confirm there are no other way to boot my phone than making the power button work? And do you think the problem is only caused by the tactile switch?

Thank you for your help!

I don’t think there is a way.

Ok thanks, I’ll keep you informed on the problem solving :wink:

Hello Pierre, I’m having the same problem (button changed once), what did you do ?

same problem here, i opened the fairphone, removed all the dust and cleaned everything, the power button is not in fault, the switch connected on the motherboard doesn’t work either.
i’ve contacted the fairphone support, who told me they have no spare parts for motherboards for the moment, and advised to contact a repair shop (that might be a welding issue…)
do anyone know about a repair shop in Paris ? (Pierre, it seems you do ? :slight_smile: )

This one seems to be the fitting spare part:


Hi klem,

I’m feeling stupid but I have to admit I picked up another phone than my FP1…

Meanwhile I’m considering buying once again this tactile switch and go back to the repair shop I mentioned above. I’m still not convinced it will be a sustainable repair, but it would be too bad not to try again :slight_smile:


It was a bit difficult to find a repair shop that accepted to solder it, but I went to Repair Center, 19 rue Montgallet. The price for the repair was a bit too high (30€) but I think you can negotiate with them harder than me - if you do, could you tell me what price you got? :slight_smile:

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Repair Center refused to help me as soon as they saw it was a Fairphone :slight_smile: I found another shop, at 168, rue du faubourg St Antoine. Dip switch works again! (and costed me 0€!)

Could you please add your experience to our community list? :slight_smile:

Yes, I will but I’ll wait until he fixes a second fairphone for full report :wink:

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I also got it repaired in a shop. Not the best in town (in Lille), but apparently the only one who would do tiny-soldering. Anyway they repaired it for something like 20 €.

Could you please add it to your forum list?

Hi, could you tell me where you got your FP1 repaired in Lille please ? I’m having the same power button issue and my phone being turned OFF, i can’t turn it ON anymore… thanks !

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@klem38 , please tell us where that repair shop is in Lille.

Hey guys,
I have the same problem. It seems battery and the power button are the weak parts of the Fairphone. But you can still boot your phone without the power button. First, I am not sure if it works when USB Debugging is disabled(standard). Maybe someone can check it, there is a chance.

  1. Install Android SDK (you need ADB)
  2. Use google to find out how to start ADB via command line
  3. Press the volume-down button of your Fairphone while connecting it to a computer(power source). The “factory mode” settings will appear.
  4. Run adb reboot which will not boot into the battery loading but start your phone as desired :slight_smile:
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I think you are referring to the Recovery Mode. You probably cannot use adb if you haven’t enabled USB debugging before.

Any news from @klem38 about that repair shop in Lille ? I would love to know where to have my FP1 repaired :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the late reply, I think I missed a message or two.
I got my phone resoldered in Lille at
Pro Mobile
35 rue des Ponts de Comines
59000 LILLE
It looks a bit shaddy but they did the job for 30€ or so.


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