Dead phone - lost case?

My phone has been working just fine as long as it has been charged before the battery goes empty. For the last year or so, it has been harder and harder to start charging again when the battery is emty.
Now it do not answer to any attempts to charge or turn on.
I have been i touch with Fairphone and done all the tests and trix found on the website. The battery is changed and fully charged. I have ordered and installed a new bottom module. There was a loose torx screw falling out of the phone once when opened. It has been placed back where it belonged under the plate marked with sound and camera.
The phone do still not react.

I only get a red light for a minute or so when I take the battery out and then plug the charger. No other reactions like wibration, screen on or charging when the battery is put back (these things has been possible to make happen after some attempts earlier). No reaction to the on/off-button or green light when fully charged battery is in place.

Have anyone else had this problem? And with a happy ending?

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hi, my phone does encounter the same trouble. Do you know if there is a way to recover data from the phone ?
thanks for sharing

Same problem here. I have swapped the battery with my husbands that is fully charged: makes no difference. It turns out my own battery was not empty (it’s in my husbands Fairphone and working fine). :frowning:

If it is established what’s not at fault, then the search continues with fewer possible outcomes, I would think …

@maw … just continue the support case with Fairphone. What’s their reaction to battery and bottom module not being the culprits?

@Marjolein_Van_Putten … Fairphone support starts here with the online troubleshooter …, telephone numbers can be found here … #contactsupport.

@maw, @lionel, @Marjolein_Van_Putten … If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, they could perhaps help to determine faulty modules by swapping them.

I do not know how to get data from it. If someone has a tip I would be happy.
My phone suddenly became alive again after a couple of weeks, when I was shaking it to see if there was a loose part somewhere. But it do feel a bit unsafe to use it as the foult is not resolved .

Hope you get your phones back working and that someone finds out how to repair the problem. It’s too bad to have a repairable phone and when it stops working it’s not repairable afterall…

Fairphone has suggested I could send the phone to them for a repair, though they could not guarantee the result (of course). I am not sure I have that much money to spend on it…
And since it is working right now, I have not decided what to do yet. Hoping that someone else get a more clear answer to if it is repairable or not before I spend more money on it.

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It’s always repairable as long as there are parts, which Fairphone said they secured to be in stock for some years to come. And after that there would supposedly be a second hand market, too.

Nobody guarantees it would be cheap in every case, but the phone’s hardware is easily repairable by exchanging broken modules with working ones.
Admittedly, exchanging the core module is almost forbiddingly expensive, but it simply is the most expensive part of the phone, and in case of need the repair will be a question of urgency, priority and funds, not a question of repairability.

And, importantly, nobody guarantees you keep your data in case of a repair job … or even during normal use.
Storage tech in any computer device (internal memory, memory cards, harddisks, etc.) can fail you at any given most inconvenient time.
That’s why you make backups of your important data as often as you deem necessary to feel safe.

I do agree with you.
But still it comes to a point for many people where the cost of a repair, espesially when the outcome is not given, is too high. And then I woud say it’s not more repairable than most other phones.
If the phone does work, not well, but works, untill a new sparepart arrive, you do not need a sparephone. When you have to send it away, you need another phone in between.

And I do not feel unsafe using it because of possible lost data. It’s because I want a phone to keep in contact with people, and have a long way to travel if I need to buy a new one.

All phones can break down, but I have a phone that does it frequently, and wonder how much longer I am willing to stick with it.

Thanks AnotherElk!
I was hoping it would not be neccessary, but I started a ticket with FP support.

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