Deactivate Vibration

is it possible to deactivate vibration?
For example when I’m in bed but not sleeping, I’d like to hear a pleasant tiny notification instead of the brutal vibration that also wakes up everyone else in the house.
But I can only set the phone to completely silent, only vibration, or vibration+sound.


Hi @Lorus I figured it out.

I was bothering my family downstairs when my phone would vibrate at night. lol.

You have to go into the messaging app and then click the “…” button (Except the dots are vertical) and then go to “Settings” then scroll down to “Vibrate” and un-check it.

Hope this helps! Sweet Dreams!


When you use volume buttons to set ring volume, you make the volume slider appear for few seconds.
Behind this slider, you will see 3 buttons for vibration mode : NEVER, PRIORITY or ALWAYS.
Select “never” with your finger, before the slider disappears, and you’re done.

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