Dd / nandroid backup for FP1(U)

There a two kinds of backups: File based … or block level.

We could try to provide a guide for dd’ing the different FP partitions. As a “fallback” working backup. It’s also often called “NANDroid”, I think.

The a “normal” file-based backup needs to backup all data and the .db files very carefully. I think this will also need root and can easily miss something. It’s okay to use apps for that (that will hopefully work).

But a fixed “dd” simple dated backup could work for users that just want to “freeze” the phone in a state while it stills works, using “on board tools” (before an update, etc.).

Not tested yet, but maybe some people will understand what I’m talking about. Does this make sense?

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I worked on writing a data-rescue tutorial using dd and some open source forensics software for a while, but gave up when I ran out of time figuring out how to deal with encrypted volumes. I only have one phone (encrypted), and didn’t feel like wiping it to test whether the procedure works for non-encrypted phones. I also don’t want to encourage people not to encrypt their phone, so that was the end of that for me.
I realise that a dd restore of an ecrypted volume would probably work - but I expect that what we really need is a tool that allows users to migrate their data to upgraded installations, or even different devices. With the dd images, you’d either roll-back to pre-update, or potentially have an unexpected mix of files depending on which partitions were restored.

Coming back to data recovery: A ‘dd’ type app that dumps the internal memory on SD card would help users of unencrypted phones use data recovery software - I wouldn’t be surprised if it is out there already.

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You already know much more about this than I do. Thanks for sharing!

I thought of backups like this:

File base backup
Use this after partition layout changes or for a backup of data if needed (phonebook, messages = the .dbs, apks and configs).
I think of running rsync on a rooted device with a rooted adbd. Have not tried that yet.

Block based backup:
I thought dd would work on everything as long as each partition stays the same. As a starting point after every upgrade (new Android/FP OS version).

But I guess if this would be that easy, there would be a working default backup app :smile:

I just think it could be useful to have a “non commercial” (=no appstore) build backup that everybody can use and talk about as “build in tools”. Other tools might be easier but this would be the lowest level to catch possible problems (like a broken backup app or dying storage).

How does the backup on current Nexus phones work, I wonder?

This is what I found (never used ):
DD backup app
rsync app

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